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We’re well into our school year already and I’m excited to share four ways that we organize ourselves during the school year as part of Operation Organization: Back to School.

DSC_0528 copy

I’m sharing 4 Tips for Back to School Organizing and a tour of our family office in today’s Daily Delight video:


To summarize, my 4 Tips for Back to School Organization are:

  1. Give the kids their own workspaces with storage solutions and a calendar

DSC_0016 copy

2. Create a system for storing all of the papers that come home.  I keep anything graded, cute artwork, and special things they have written.  It gets culled at the end of the year.

DSC_0098 copy copy

3. Develop a system for keeping up with things that must go back to school like homework and permission slips.  We have a tray in the office.

DSC_0093 copy copy

4. Stock up on school supplies and keep them in a central location so the kids know where to find them and where to return them to.  We have a cart on wheels for this!

DSC_0088 copy copy

In addition to staying organized, we have a few fun family traditions around the commencement of each new school year.

School Days Door Decor


First Day Snack and After School Talk Game

apple back to school snack


Meet the Teacher Treats + Printables

bubbling with excitement

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Have a happy Monday, y’all!


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19 thoughts on “Daily Delight {4 Tips for Back to School Organization}

  1. Another nice video, Amanda! I love seeing that beautiful office and hearing about what you do to stay organized. We have a few similar storage solutions because we all know if you don’t, those school papers really get out of control! My kids also have to use the computer for some of their assignments. Isn’t that Quizlet great?! Mine also use Google classroom and sometimes they actually hand in assignments directly from there. A bit different than when we were kids! Sounds like you are off to a great start for the school year. We are getting ready for our first day in two weeks. Long live summer…

    1. Hi – this one was from container store. The entire closet system is by Elfa and this was one of the options. It can certainly be bought separately as well. Before this I used a rolling cart from Ikea!

  2. Love the video series! You are just too cute. As a mom of two now adult children, I agree with each of your tips. Stocking a cart or drawer with supplies is essential. No more dreaded runs to the store late at night because we didn’t have poster board!!

  3. Love your tips (and of course, the “live” peek into the office)! Being organized and having a system are the only things that save my sanity!

    Love, loving these videos! ? xoxo

  4. Great tips! I really appreciated this post–finding a way to store all the papers is genius. They can pile up quickly! I am loving the idea of a “family office”—you have my wheels turning!

    1. Thank you! It’s so nice to give them each their own spaces. I was sad to see the playroom go, but this is really become a space we all love!

    1. Thanks, Becky! The drawers have been so useful for keeping organized. I store stuff I sell in my shop in the other drawers. A very functional piece!

  5. Great video!! I love to see how other people organize their lives as I am always trying to improve my system. Loved the work stations and supply cart! Excellent ideas.

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