Daily Delight {Tissue Paper Tassels}

Y’all!  I am SO sorry about the blog outage.  My host took my site down (in error, I believe) and it took two days of endless calls and conversations to get back up and running.  Than you ALL for your emails, texts, convos on etsy and posts on Instagram.  Whew!!  With any luck that is all behind us :-)

Now, on to regularly scheduled programming.  This is a little project that I have been dying to share with you since last winter when Mother made CeeCee and I both darling tissue paper tassel buntings for our birthdays!!  They are very inexpensive to make, requiring just one piece of tissue paper each, and can be designed to go with any occasion, celebration or decor!

I used the ones made for my family 40th celebration in my office…

… and Mother’s latest set was made for CeeCee’s Bambi birthday celebration.  She made black tassels for Jay’s Star Wars party and we reused them for Whit’s BB-8 party.  She also made them for CeeCee’s Mad Tea Party last year.

Mother said she likes to make them while watching TV at night and that they are pretty mindless once you get the hang of it.  Speaking of Mother, I am *delighted* to have her with me in her Dixie Delights video debut.  So, without further ado, may I introduce my Mother…


We had so much fun filming the video and we both talked so much I had to cut out more than half of it to keep it at a reasonable length.  HA!

If you have any specific questions, please just ask them in the comments and Mother or I will answer!!

We will be back with another video soon on how to make tissue paper peonies and hopefully by then I’ll have all the party videos uploaded for a full post with all the lovely details!!


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12 thoughts on “Daily Delight {Tissue Paper Tassels}

  1. I am not sure what I liked best….learning to make the tassels, learning to use the chopstick (brilliant!) or hearing your mom’s lovely accent! She is a DELIGHTand I would love to see her in more videos! I just paid $15 on Etsy for a tassel garland for my daughter’s baby shower….I wish I had only known then what I know now! Thanks for sharing such a cute idea.

    1. HAHA… we all laughed over her chopstick. It’s pretty smart :-) She will be back in my next video as well and I hope to have her in many more!! xo

  2. Enjoyed your Mother’s tutorial on making tissue tassels. I knew those chopsticks I saved would come in handy one day. Now if she could just teach me how to sew as beautifully as she does.

    Glad everything is back up and running with your site. I thought it was my computer that was doing something crazy.

    1. Ha! She has an alternate and unconventional use for most household items. We love to laugh at it. I’m glad it’s back to but I am switching hosts in a couple of hours and hope it doesn’t cause any more issues!

  3. I just LOVED this video! Your Mom is so sweet!! I can’t wait to make these!! They would be so cute at a Super Bowl Party!! I am also going to make them for next year in Black and Yellow for the Kennesaw State Owl football tailgating!! Keep posting the videos!! Love your blog!!!

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