Our Valentine’s Day + One Amazing Meal {40×41}

I hope y’all had a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day!!  I hauled myself out of bed bright and early to make pancakes for the fam.  The smiles were totally worth it.  I’ve written about it countless times over the years, but one of my fave kitchen gadgets is our pancake pen!!  It makes any shape of pancake a breeze :-)  You do need to use a thin batter like bisquick or krusteaz from a box to make it work the best.

Whit was super excited to carry his Valentine’s to school in this DARLING box from Target ($5 kit).  I saved it in the attic in hopes of reusing next year because, seriously, it’s the cutest thing.   John, on the other hand, was SUPER bummed when his teacher sent out a late notice saying NO VALENTINE’S.  Of course, we had already done his :-(  I have to say that I completely disagree with this.  They are 10 and 11 years old and in elementary school, for crying out loud!  Every other 5th grade class got to exchange them.  He did make lemonade out of lemons when he proclaimed “well now I have 26 Fun Dips to eat”!  I said “no way” until little bro came home with a box full of nice notes, cards, treats and candy.  Then I humbly handed over the large zip top of Fun Dips :-)  Eat yourself sick, kiddo.

I dig this darling Valentine sweater out of the closet every year. I SOOOO wish that Lilly would bring back more holiday sweaters, tees and prints!

In addition to the dentist, teacher appreciation week, unpacking, repacking, our first lax practices and a hair cut, I also worked on our fancy schmancy dinner.  We’ve been celebrating Valentine’s Day at home for years and sometimes we invite the littles :-)  (Other years we order them a pizza and send them to bed.)  This year we included them since I was making one of their all time fave meals.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Tablescape  |  Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu

In fact, I set out on my Adventure is Out There {40×41} Bucket List to “learn to make one AMAZING dish and hone a recipe that I can pass down for generations (kind of like a signature dish)”.  Over the last two years I’ve made these recipes (with the exception of the first) countless times for friends, family, celebrations and Sunday Suppers.  So these, my friends, are the “amazing” dishes I learned to make!!

I started Monday night with the coeur a la creme, cheddar crackers and cake, while Honey marinated the steaks.  The only NEW addition to these old stand-bys was the coeur a la creme.  I bought the coeur a la creme mold years ago after seeing Ina use it.  And, while mine tasted delicious, it didn’t drain anything out like it was supposed to.  Hmmm….  Would I make it again?  FOR SURE!!!!

It made a beautiful appetizer on the plate with fresh herbs and crackers and everyone gobbled it up!  I also made our fave app of all time – cheddar jalapeno crackers.  I always make two batches and freeze one whole roll for later.  It works perfectly and doesn’t add much prep time at all.  Since just the four of us were dining and we had so many other dishes, I only ended up cooking half of one roll and froze the other half of that one as well.  I’ve even given rolls of the dough as hostess gifts because everyone LOVES them :-)

Our main course was the flank steak, truffled mashed potatoes and balsamic brussels sprouts.

And we ended our dinner with the most divine flourless chocolate cake and fresh berries.  It turns out perfectly every time!

You can find ALL of the recipes and my cook’s notes HERE >> Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu.  We have plenty of leftovers for tonight as long as I can restrain myself from digging into the potatoes for lunch :-)

This was my 18th year celebrating Valentine’s Day with Honey and I pray for at least 48 more <3

Have a wonderful week!!


Valentine’s Day Dinner Tablescape  |  Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu

How to Make Tissue Paper Peonies Video

Everything Valentine’s Day  |  Sunday Suppers

Adventure is Out There {40×41} Bucket List

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3 thoughts on “Our Valentine’s Day + One Amazing Meal {40×41}

  1. Perfectly delightful. Everything looks amazing! This is our 23rd Valentine’s Day… and I’m praying for at least 48 more too! ? xo

  2. I am a long time reader and I’m not sure why, but always figured you and honey were college sweethearts. Happy 18th valentines to you two! It looks like the day was fabulous.

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