Valentine’s Day {Our Cards + Free Printables}

The Valentine’s of choice are ready for the big day.  John wanted Fun Dip with “Have a sweet Valentine’s Day” tags.  I made them as stickers for him so he could just stick them straight on the candy package and call it a day!  I am still recovering from my shock that he didn’t come up with something all BOY like the last two years.  (stickers from my shop)

Whit resorted to the old Whoopee cushions of yore.  Always a hit with the boys and girls alike.  (tags from my shop)

I’ve closed the Dixie Delights Shop for Valentine’s orders already (but have St. Patrick’s and Easter tags out there) so I thought I’d share some of our old ones for more inspiration.  Many include links to free printable files!

Have a Beary Sweet Valentine’s Day

DSC_0044 cop1y

It’s Valentine’s Day… WHOOPEE

DSC_0049 copy

Popped by to say Happy Valentine’s Day

DSC_0054 copy

Have a Ball this Valentine’s Day

February 2013 030 copy

Tic Tac Toe Valentine

February 2013 034 copy

Great White Valentine Wishes

January 2014 164 copy

Fishtastic Friend Valentine

January 2014 166 copy

You’re Just Write & You’re Sweet Valentines

February 2012 093

February 2012 075

I’ll pop back in with some of our favorite sweets, treats and ways to celebrate soon!


Dixie Delights Shop  |  Free Printables  |  Everything Valentine’s Day


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day {Our Cards + Free Printables}

  1. Hmmmm…whatever could they be?! One bag down, one going to Beverly Hills and one more stashed for a rainy day. ;-) Yikes!

  2. I just wrapped up my Valentine boxes, using the rest of my adorable stickers from your shop. I was so happy to have a few left from last year. They make everything so cute ~ and easy! A simple cellophane bag, some shred, a few treats and toys…a bow and tag and I’m done! Thanks, Amanda!

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