I Love {Copper Pots}

In lieu of a true Sunday Supper post (because, leftovers), I thought it high time to share my new copper pots!!!  These were purchased right after Christmas so we’ve been cooking in them for a little over two months now.  And I LOVE them!!!

First things first, can we just all take a minute to bask in their beauty?!  Because they ARE quite lovely.  Now, on the more practical side, I was desperately in need of new cookware because nearly every piece of the Calphalon set we received as wedding gifts 15 years had started to peel on the bottom.  I try to not to buy too much into scare tactics but there was no ignoring how unsafe this was.  After researching the countless options out there, I just kept coming back to this set >> Lagostina Copper Cookware 10 piece Set

Here’s what I love thus far:

  • How pretty they are!  Also, the hammered exterior will go a long way to hide any scrapes and scratches on the copper over time.  So far I have not had any issues with the copper discoloring but I knew when I purchased these that I was signing up for a little maintenance over time to keep them beautiful.
  • They are much easier to clean than I thought they might be.  I’ve never put my cookware in the dishwasher, and these are no different.  When I cook something that sticks (think scrambled eggs), I soak it for a bit in the sink and it all scrubs right out.  I’ve also used a bit of vinegar and baking soda to really get them shiny inside.
  • Some of the lids that fit the pots are also the perfect size to cover the pans.
  • The rounded edges make pouring so much cleaner than my previous set!  Very few drips now.
  • The handles stay cool on the stove top.  (But the lids do not, FYI.)
  • They are oven safe!
  • They are nice and heavy and the heat seems to distribute very evenly.

I purchased mine on Amazon for $340 with prime shipping.  This is a very good price, come to find out after researching lots of options.  This EXACT set sells at Williams Sonoma for $800 or on sale for $600.

I hope y’all had a lovely weekend!  We kicked off our lacrosse season and both boys brought home a win!!  I also kept up with my 40 bags in 40 days clean out – tackling the foyer, powder room, fridge and pantry.


Lagostina Copper Cookware 10 piece Set

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