My Ex Voto Vintage Nashville Necklace + Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.  The winner came from Instagram this time and is fnbinstagram.  Please email me with your mailing info! Thank you ALL so much for sharing your favorite Mother’s Day memories.  Y’all made me laugh, cry and smile and every time a new one came in I couldn’t wait to stop and read it.

As y’all know, we took a road trip Tour of Tennessee for spring break.  We aren’t real souvenir people so the only things we carried home were a few ornaments for our Christmas tree and a couple of letterpress prints from the Grand Ole Opry and Hatch Show Print.  Well, while in Nashville, Ex Voto Vintage started a conversation with me and ended up sending the sweetest necklace with monogrammed locket as a very special memento of our time in Tennessee!  I didn’t get to visit their showroom while in Nashville, but I can imagine it must be full of gorgeous pieces.

Every piece is made in the USA and one of a kind.  Ex Voto combines vintage lockets and pendants with semi-precious stones, vintage crystals, freshwater pearls, premium leather and chain heavily plated in 18K gold into beautiful jewelry.  I love that many of the pieces can be styled together for different looks as well.  (Photo courtesy of Honey :-) )

Now, y’all know I love a sweet back story.  Ex Voto was created by Elizabeth Adams…

When Elizabeth was born, her father’s mentor gave her a locket and a small card with the handwritten blessing: “May your life be as beautiful as you are.” She has come to see that while life is not always easy, it can be beautiful.

In 2009, after losing her young daughter to a brain tumor, Elizabeth created Ex Voto Vintage Jewelry.  Art, vintage patina, mysterious history, blessings of encouragement and gratitude to the Redeemer who has the power to make beauty from ashes, these are the concepts behind Ex Voto Vintage.

A portion of the sales of Ex Voto Vintage goes to The Cure Starts Now Foundation for Pediatric Brain Cancer Research.

I have been wearing my Ex Voto necklace both long and doubled over to shorten it.  It is such a lovely piece to remember our trip by!  This one is the Graham Necklace with Turquoise and Julia Locket.

I absolutely adore it styled around the bride’s bouquet for something blue on the wedding day!  I would treasure that!


My other favorite is the Keller Necklace with Molly Slide Pendant.  I think this would be beautiful with the slide engraved with a wedding date or the initials or birth dates of your children.

I am so excited to be able to also give away this Ex Voto one-of-a-kind bracelet to one of YOU just in time for Mother’s Day.  The giveaway is open to US shipping addresses only and the winner will be announced here on May 4.  (May the Fourth be with you.  I couldn’t resist.)  Here’s how to enter:

1.Follow both Dixie Delights and Ex Voto Vintage Jewelry on Instagram and leave a comment letting me know.

2. Leave a comment letting me know your favorite Mother’s Day memory.

3. Hop over to Instagram and tag two friends on this post.

So, that’s up to three chances to enter.  One winner will be chosen between the blog and Instagram entries!

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I hope y’all have a fabulous day!!


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91 thoughts on “My Ex Voto Vintage Nashville Necklace + Giveaway

  1. I did all 3! For Mother’s Day I enjoy being with my husband and 3 kiddos. I love opening the sweet handmade gifts the kids make at school. A sweet simple day with all my loves is the perfect day. Oh and I don’t have to cook!

  2. What a special memento to remember your trip by! All of the pieces are just lovely! xo

  3. While I’m not a mother *yet* (waiting to be matched as we grow our family through adoption), my favorite mother’s day “thing” is always when my older sister and I get together for a girl’s day with my Mom. We always try to do her favorite things and pamper her, make her feel special :) She deserves every bit of attention and pampering!

  4. Followed on Instagram! And my favorite Mother’s Day memory was when I was 4 years old. This was back in the 80s, and my dad had bought my mom an exercise mat as a surprise. Well, I promptly blew that surprise right before she opened it, and I just remember crying and crying about it. Of course, she didn’t care…but that memory sticks with me for some reason!

  5. My favorite Mother’s Day memory is a picnic with my husband and kids on Mother’s Day followed by a hike. It’s the kind of Mother’s Day outing my Mom always picked and now it’s my favorite, too.

  6. I’ve done all 3! I’ve loved sweet Muffins with Mom with both my babies & their precious hand-made gifts. The best is how proud they are of what they’ve made & how excited they are to give it to me!

  7. I did all three. Love this necklace, may have to ask my kiddos for this for Mother’s Day! My favorite Mother’s Day times are when the kids “proudly” present the gifts they have made for me. Nothing is more special to me than handmade gifts from my children.

  8. I did all 3! And my favorite Mother’s Day memory was just a few years ago when my now 8 year old was small. He was adopted and we hadn’t had him very long – I am not sure the adoption was final yet. He would never let me rock him at night even though he did love our story time. Well this one night – the night before Mother’s Day – he was really scared about something and he climbed into my lap while I sat in the rocking chair in his room. He curled up with his head on my shoulder and let me gently rock him while he fell asleep. It was the only time he has ever let me rock him to sleep and I will always cherish that memory in my heart.

  9. Followed both on instagram! Not a specific memory but love how it’s a chance to bring family together for time together away for busy schedules.

  10. I followed you both on instagram. What beautiful jewelry! I don’t really have a “favorite ” Mother’s Day as I have loved and treasured every one. However, certainly a memorable one was 4 years ago one of our daughters announced she was expecting their first child on Mother’s Day. My daughter and my son in law hid a picture of the ultrasound in a beautiful hanging basket they presented to me for Mother’s Day! Our precious little granddaughter Elle was born that November and she truly is a gift from God.

  11. Gorgeous! Following you both on instagram. Favorite Mother’s Day memory was when my oldest was 4mo old (she is 14 now) and we were able to have all 4 generations together. My Nana (her great-grandma) died later that year. So special!!

  12. Just being with my mom on Mother’s Day now that it has been two hears since she passed I treasure those moments… mom, grandkids and good food!

  13. Mothers Day always brought all nine sibs to my momma’ house. It always gave her the biggest smile, I miss that smile.

  14. Did everything–following you and Ex Voto Vintage on Instagram and tagged two friends on your Instagram post. It’s hard to pin down a favorite Mothers Day memory, but I’ll have to say that when my children were in grade school, I always looked forward to what they made for me at school–priceless gifts. Thank you for doing this giveaway. I love the idea of wrapping it around a bridal bouquet for something blue. Since we are anticipating a wedding next year, I would do this for my daughter. Have a great day! xoxo

  15. I’ve done all three! I cherish all my Mother’s Day memories, as I no longer have my mother. She was taken from us way too soon. One of my favorite memories is from when all three of were teenagers and my mother told us that the best gift we could give her was silence :) I still laugh at that.

  16. So beautiful and what a lovely keepsake from your travels. My best Mother’s Day is any day I get to spend with my children!

  17. Oh my goodness, what beautiful pieces! My favorite Mother’s Day memory is also our family tradition. The four of us go to Blount Cultural Park, have a picnic and feed the ducks. The kids are now 7 and 9. It’s always fun to look back at pictures to see how the kids have grown.

  18. I love this! I hopped on insta for chances too! My favorite Mother’s day memory is first one- way back when i was a mom for the first time. My hubby made it extra special even though Avery was less than a year old. was able to share with my Mother in Law as my Mom is so far way!

  19. Did all three! Thank you for introducing me to this brand of jewelry! I love the style and the story behind the company. This is my second year being a Mom. While I don’t have any specific Mother’s Day memories, other than pampering my mom that day, I use this special day of the year to reflect on what it means to be a mom. The challenges, the rewards, the good days…and the occasional bad. :) To be a mom is a completely selfless act filled with unconditional love. Wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world!

  20. I did all three. I’ve been to the Nashville store. Love everything they have. Best mother’s day memory is my first as a mother…….of course.

  21. My favorite Mother’s Day memory was when my daughter made me a hand made card and brought me cereal in bed! She was so excited and it was so sweet and thoughtful!

  22. I followed both on Instagram!?
    My very favorite Mother’s Day memory was my very first Mother’s Day when my son was born the day before! I was still in the hospital, but what a special gift that year –24 years ago!

  23. The year my son was born. My husband brought our two girls shopping. They bought all kinds of little gifts. One of them was a porcelain thimble which I still have.

  24. My favorite Mother’s Day memory isn’t just specific to the day, it’s those days I get to celebrate the accomplishments of my kids and those days I think, I’m so glad I’m a mom!

    I have really enjoyed following your road trip adventures, thanks for introducing us to this lovely jewelry!

  25. Followed both and I have been a fan of this jewelry (and your blog! =) ) for quite some time. I love the touching back story; it hits home for me as I have experienced the loss of a child as well. I have given it as gifts but do not own a piece of my own, although I have had my eye on a few pieces. My birthday often falls on Mother’s Day which makes it an extra special day to spend with my 4 incredible daughters. I am so happy you were gifted this beautiful necklace!. I just think it is so meaningful!

  26. I added both of you on Instagram! I have only had two Mother’s Days so far, but my favorite part is just enjoying the day without a to do list and planting my flowers. Always a perfect day!

  27. My favorite Mother’s Day memory is the year I was about 24 (not married and no children). My sweet cousin was 11 years old and give me a hand-made, rhyming poem card that began “you’re not a mother, no not yet. You will be soon, so don’t forget….

    I don’t remember how it goes after that because we always howled with laughter fat that point. Because motherhood was definitely not imminent for me! One of our treasured family memories that we still laugh about often.

  28. Follow both on Instagram. My favorite Mother’s Day was 2016 – the last Mother’s Day I spent with my sweet 94 y/o MIL who passed on June 8th. She was the best MIL in the world!

  29. A favorite Mother’s Day memory is a lovely day at the beach with my little family.

    Kristen L
    St Johns FL

  30. Every Mother’s Day is my favorite! My kids usually make me breakfast in bed! But last year, we got to spend Mother’s Day in the Magic Kingdom! I got a picture of my kids an I in front of the castle!

  31. I folllowed both of y’all on Instagram!

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is from last year: my girls (all 4 of them) got up early and created a handwritten breakfast menu for me. I got to make choices for breakfast and sip on fresh coffee while they cooked breakfast!

  32. Completed all three. Favorite Mother’s Day has to be when the children (2) were in preschool and their 4 year old class had a Mother’s Day party. The children had made all the decorations and prepared the food. The look in their eyes, as they escorted the moms around the room proudly showing off all they had done to make this day special, was priceless!!! Enough to bring tears.

  33. My favorite Mother’s Day memories are from when my kids were little and any hand made gifts that they’d bring home from preschool! Palm hand print paintings are my favorite! Bittersweet, now they’re 19 and 17!

  34. A special Mothers day gift was a Tree of Life necklace that my 2 adult children gave me. I love wearing it! Would love to win your pretty bracelet! Live this giveaway!

  35. My favorite Mother’s Day memory is going to the sweet Mother’s Day Teas at my girls’ church day care. I love how proud they are to show off the celebration, the homemade gifts, and to sit by THEIR momma! I love the sheets that they fill out where they are interview by the teacher about facts about their mommy – that you are nine years old, have green eyes like an apple, show hand drawn pictures of you with blonde hair on top (yellow marker) and brown underneath (died laughing on the inside about that one! time for highlights!), and state that their favorite thing to do with you is snuggle. I have some many special memories but I love those sweet moments and unconditional love!

  36. I did all 3 entries!

    I have so many sweet and tender moments of Mother’s Day times from hosting my entire extended family before my Grandma passed away to cherishing my Mom and her role in my life when we were trying and waiting and praying for me to become a Mama myself. Last year, we drove home to Chicago from Rosemary Beach (thank you, Amanda, for blogging about such a magical place as it has become our family’s favorite spot…?) on Mother’s Day. To have my Mom and my little guys and husband all in the same van as me for the entire day, was a gift in itself–surrounded by those I love the most!!

  37. I already follow you on IG, but was happy to add Ex Voto Vintage to my feed. I was surprised to read about Elizabeth Adams; I followed her daughter’s CaringBridge site many years ago. Sadly, I personally knew TWO families who lost their daughters to the rare DIPG tumor. Thank you for sharing her story.

  38. We go camping every Mother’s Day to the same place my parents and their friends started going to before i was even born.

  39. My favorite Mothers Day memory was having FIVE (5) generations together. That photo will always hold a very special place in my heart as 2 have passed away.

  40. I did all three! Last year, my three sweet kiddos woke me up on Mother’s Day and served me breakfast in bed. They gave me a notebook and pen set, and I have used my notebook as a church and prayer journal since that very day. We went to church and relaxed the rest of the day, as a family. Nothing spectacular, but extraordinary all the same! Excited for the giveaway- your locket is gorgeous!!

  41. My favorite Mother’s Day…I commissioned a card maker to create a special card to give my daughter to commemorate her first Mother’s Day. She was a new mommy to twin girls. The card was from them along with a note explaining how they believed she was the best mommy for them. Tears and smiles followed the opening.

  42. I already follow you hear and on Instagram, and I’ll comment both places. I so enjoyed following your trip, thanks for sharing all the fun. And for sharing one of these bracelets!!

  43. My husband was in the United States Marine Corps for 20+ years. He missed a lot of events and celebrations. I remember giving my two daughters cash and watching them as they walked into the Hallmark store to purchase my Mother’s Day gift. I sat right outside the store so they were never out of my sight. They were eight and twelve years of age. They were so proud of themselves on Mother’s Day. I felt so loved. So very loved.

  44. My favorite Mother’s Day was also my hardest one. I had just lost my beautiful Mom so the day was difficult until my daughter told me that grandchild #4 was on the way! There were sad tears one minute and happy tears the next. It was a Mother’s Day I will never forget!

  45. For me, Mother’s Day is about traditions and family. Even tho I have ‘grown and gone’ children of my own, we always spend this day traveling to attend church with, and love on, my Momma. This is also ‘Decoration Day’ and we make the rounds of the local cemeteries, honoring and remembering those we loved…. Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. A sweet Mother’s Day for me was 2013. I had just had triplets six months before– it was such a blessing to be able to call them my own!

  47. I did all three! Everyday is Mother’s Day for me! All three of my children are grown and independent and out of the house but I enjoy receiving their daily phone calls and/or texts!

  48. Already following you on Instagram. Started following Ex Voto Vintage Jewelry. I am in love with the locket!

  49. My favorite memory was my first Mother’s Day. I didn’t think I would ever be a Mommy so when that first Mother’s Day rolled around, I was so excited.

  50. Oh my gosh, this jewelry is amazing. The story behind it touched my heart deeply. Imagine being blessed by love every time you wore a piece!

    I didn’t think I could do Instagram without a smartphone, but my nieces told me I could. I followed the both of you, but have not figured what “tag” is, so I didn’t do that!

    You come see us in Bristol on your next trip, we’d be honored to have you!

  51. I’ve done all 3. My favorite memory is a sweet morning of church, lunch and then fishing with my children.

  52. My favorite Mother’s Day is when my 3 kids went to the grocery store and picked out a Tiffany style chicken lamp for me. It was hilarious and so sweet how excited they were.

  53. Did all three ! My favorite Mother’s Day memory [so far] is my very first one. We tried for several years before God’s timing and our timing lined up (His timing is the best) ! I remember holding Bug (Connor) and thinking as much I as I wanted you (I didn’t realize how much I truly needed you – I was finally whole ). He was the missing piece to our little family – each Mother’s day is an affirmation of that love, wanting, and needing. :) Best, Heather

  54. My favorite Mother’s Day memory as a mother is when we decided to go to hike to the waterfall at Panther’s Creek. We had done it while dating and didn’t really remember how far it was – my 4-year-old made it and my husband raced her back – we thought he would be carrying her back!

  55. My favorite Mother’s Day was the first year I had both of my children. My son was 2 and my daughter was a newborn. They were amazing gift from God and I felt so blessed!

  56. I’m a dawg mom and my favorite Mother’s Day was the year my husband managed to get our dawg Dixie to bring my card down the stairs and right to me with little to no damage!

  57. I’m following both of you on Instagram! These lockets are beautiful. I have the gold locket from my birth on my charm bracelet and treasure it. I also wore a silver locket for years, but I’m not sure where it is. I need to find it for my granddaughter.

  58. My favorite Mother’s Day memory happened about 24 years ago. Our whole family was in church (the church where my husband and I were married) – my parents, my husband and I with our three children, my brother who is a bachelor, and my other brother and his wife and two children – the entire 12 of us. Our children are the same ages and are very close first cousins. Seeing everyone sitting on that pew on Mother’s Day, my Mama being so happy that we were all together, was just wonderful. Memories are to be cherished.

  59. I follow both on Instagram. My best Mother’s Day was last year when my teen and young adult children planned a surprised me with a wonderful day spent with them (and everyone got along).

  60. Amanda,
    One of my favorite Mother’s Day memories was while my mom and mother-in-law were both still with us, we all went to their favorite restaurant. It may not seem special but these two ladies who rarely got to see each other, would talk and share stories of yesteryear. It was a hoot. They both grew up post Depression so they went through some things. I miss them but blessed to have had them in my life.
    I thoroughly enjoy the adventures you share. I am also touched by your faith. My mom passed away in 2014 and I have a Holy Mother medal with rubies that was hers. It reminds of her love and faith, and yours!
    Happy Mother’s Day early.

  61. All three are done!

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is May 13, 1984. My second baby girl was only four days old, and I had just come home from the hospital to my wonderful family!

  62. I am following Dixie Delights and Ex Voto Vintage on Instagram. Thanks for the chance to win, and the info about the beautiful jewelry!

  63. Favorite Mother’s Day memory, hands down the birth of my son and now every SO many years we get to celebrate together. Follow you both on Instagram and tagged two friends.

  64. I did all three! I love Mother’s Day. My mother has Alzheimer’s Disease and I cherish every year that we are able to celebrate with her. I love to reflect back on the sweet memories she has created for our family over the years. She truly made our home a haven.

  65. Love, love, love the gorgeous bracelet. I’ve been a follower of your instagram account for awhile and now I’ve a follower Ex Voto!

  66. Thanks! I did everything and have some much fun with you pics and ideas. Like others who have posted, my mom has Alzheimer’s, so every day she remembers me and we have time together is a celebration of mother’s day for me!

  67. Maybe not a favorite, but certainly my most memorable Mother’s Day was when my four-year-old daughter fell out of bed at 3:00 AM and broke her collar bone. Spent the day in the Pediatric ER–just me and her (husband taking care of other kids and grandmother!). Obviously, not what I would have wanted, but no better definition of motherhood!

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