Our Easter Entry

Just as soon as the sun set on St. Patrick’s Day it was Easter on my front door.  I love this Bronwyn Hanahan cross so very much that I never wait a second past shamrocks to put it out.

Every Spring we have a little brown bird that builds her nest here in the top right corner of the porch.  You can just see it peeking out.  It does make a mess of the porch once the babies are born, but it is something incredibly sweet that I look forward to every year.

My ferns are a little smaller than in past years, but were only $10 a piece and will last me until Christmas!

I found the pre-made burlap chevron bows at Michael’s last year.  They held up perfectly!

You can see how much our landscape has filled in over the last few years.  There are a couple of dead shrubs that need to be replaced but overall it looks pretty darn good :-)

I love this view so much!  I feel like it shows how the exterior of our house gives a peek as to what you’ll find inside.  You can see my recent foyer update HERE and four simple tips for updating your entry HERE.

At the side door I have Peter Burlap Tail.  Mother made him for me a few years ago and I still love bringing him out.

I will leave the cross up through Whit’s first communion and then bring out something more colorful for late Spring.  Until then, HaPpY eAsTeR!!!


Bronwyn Hanahan Art  |  Dixie Delights Decor


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7 thoughts on “Our Easter Entry

  1. I love the Hanahan cross – perfect for Easter. But Peter Burlap Tail remains my favorite! xo

  2. It is all beautiful. The little bird is probably a wren–I have some that build in my corner every year. My son in law has even built me a “wren house”. It’s a little different from a regular birdhouse and gives them the room they need to build their unique nest. My fern hang on my porch and another wren has built in it before too–messy, but oh so sweet and wonderful to watch. Happy Easter season to you and yours.

  3. As is everything you style, your Easter entry decor is perfect. I particularly love your statue dogs carrying the posey baskets and the pretty bows adorning their necks.
    Those little birds that work so hard to build their nests in Spring. We get them too each year high on our balcony porch and Oh so messy! But worth it after the event to watch up close in an upstairs window to see the sweet babies. In our back, we have a huge birdbath, and love watching ‘mom & dad’ cardinals teaching their young how to jump in for a bath.
    Wishing you and yours a beautiful and Happy Easter!

    1. So sweet! I have two bird baths but am awful about filling them up and keeping them clean. I really think I need to step it up there. Maybe I”ll add a calendar reminder :-)

  4. We have a bird that has built a nest between the front door wreath and the glass part of the door. We’re going to have a front row view of babies! Your front door entry looks great. How often do you water your ferns?

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