First Communion Prep + Easter / Spring Tassels

It is so hard to believe that the three years since John received his first communion have flown by and here we are on the cusp of the baby’s celebration.  I went back and looked at everything we did to prepare for big brother’s big day and loved it so much that I thought why reinvent the wheel?!  And so, I am preparing a very similar event for Whit.  His invitations are complete, his gift is here and his prayer cards have been made.  {You can find the invitations and note cards in the Dixie Delights Shop, available in blue, pink, gray and navy for communion, baptism, christening and confirmation}

I ordered his medal from Pictures on Gold and was very pleased with it.  I gave John my own four way medal for his first communion and wanted to find something very special for Whit.  We chose St. Francis of Assisi because his middle name is Francis (after his grandpa) and he is truly a lover of all animals.  I can’t think of anything more fitting.

Each child is also asked to make a family banner to hang at the end of their pew during the mass.  When we made John’s three years ago I asked my friend Tricia to also include the iron on decals for Whit’s name and year.  We left room on the banner in the event that Whit would want to add a symbol when it was his turn (I even saved the fabric pieces to do so), but he politely declined :-)  So this go round will be easy peasy!  {You can see how we made it here.}

After the mass we will host a luncheon here at the house for our family.  I think we will really just carbon copy what was done for John as it was easy and everyone loved it!  {See John’s party here.}

Before I let y’all go, I wanted to share that I have listed Mother’s 2017 Limited Edition Easter/Spring Tidal Tassels in the Dixie Delights Shop!!  There are 10 of each and if this release is anything like the prior ones, get it now as they will sell out fast.  I am sharing this here a day prior to sharing on Instagram to give blog readers first dibs.  Also, based on your feedback, I waited until mid morning to give you west-coasters a fair chance :-)  I hope y’all love them as much as we do!!

I hope y’all are having wonderful week.  My car is in the shop (day 2) so I’m home bound trying to knock out as much as possible on the to-do list.  This would be a great money saving technique if only we weren’t spending a fortune to fix the car.  Oh, and if online shopping had never been invented.  :-)


Dixie Delights Shop

John’s First Communion  |  First Communion Banner


13 thoughts on “First Communion Prep + Easter / Spring Tassels

  1. I adore absolutely every detail (I’m sure that’s no surprise), but especially the medal you chose for Whit. What a treasure for his special day! ? xo

  2. How can this be possible? Kind, sweet Whit. <3 What a beautiful day this will be for your family. Everything is perfect and sacred and your very special occasions are simply breathtaking.

    On another note, I just about broke my neck rushing to your shop just now!! Thank you so much for giving the west coast some extra time. "Mother", those tiny bunnies are just too darn cute! XOXO

  3. All the best to Whit on his upcoming special day! BTW… I noticed the picture you posted of Johns cake that had vase of flowers beside it. Would they happen to be Mock Orange blooms? My late grandmother had this bush in her backyard and each Spring they would have the most divine aroma.

    1. I made the flower arrangement :) They were Cherokee Rose blooms from my property! The state flower of Georgia. -“Sister”

      1. Dear “Sissie”, Of course you want the bracelet “just a little different.”
        I will see what I can do!
        Love, Marme

      2. It was perfection, as is everything you touch. :-) I just wanted to pop in and say how much I really enjoyed you sharing your adorable “Disney Countdown” photos on Instagram. They were darling.

  4. Eeeek!!! Are the bunny bracelets sold out??? Please tell Marme I need one, but customized just a little. Hahaha! xoxo, Sister

  5. Gorgeous!! My oldest is Confirmation in the next month, so this is perfect timing. The medal is a great idea….I need to check those out. I would love to hear some more info about the cake plate and cake knife? Are they they same pattern? They are beautiful!! I could see a *need* for a beautiful cake plate like this in my life!! :)

    1. The knife is my sterling pattern – gorham strasbourg. The cake plate had our grooms cake on it at our wedding. I found it at an old floral warehouse off of Huff Rd here in atlanta 15 years ago. gulp! I do love them both – thank you so much for asking!

  6. Dear “Mother Dixie”,

    Please feel free to throw a few Tiffany charms and Swarovskies on my bracelets also.

    Yours truly,
    Jane :-)

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