End of the School Year

It’s May and around here that means we are staring down the start of summer!!!  With a fifth grader in the house, it seems like we have something fun every day from here on out.  This is such a fun and special time of the year – I mean these kids have been together for six years now!  I’m in the throes of planning our own little celebrations and things and wanted to share a few links…

Test Treats

We’ve already finished up standardized tests here, but I figure some of you might still have those going on.  You can find a free printable file of tags and treat ideas in this post.

DSC_0610 copy

Teacher Gifts

I’ve been a busy bee creating end of the school year teacher gifts – both TO and FROM teachers!!!!  They come wrapped in cello and ready to give!  I print on Saturdays and ship out the follow Friday (so… orders placed by May 13 SHIP May 19, for example).  As a special for blog readers, I will add a free unpersonalized matching pen to every notepad, notecard and notebook order.  Just mention “BLOG READER” in the notes to seller box at checkout!  DIXIE DELIGHTS SHOP

DSC_0204 copy

My boys love to give their school friends a little “welcome to summer” type treat at the end of the school year.  I scout the dollar store for something to give and then create a tag to go with it.  In past years I’ve shared the Hope Your Summer is a Scream tags on ice cream shaped bubbles, Have a Ball this Summer with a pool ball, and Have a Sweet Summer with candy.  These tags are all available and ready to ship in the shop!  DIXIE DELIGHTS SHOP

DSC_0057 copy


Last Day of School Pics

We start our first days and our last days the same.  With the requisite picture commemorating the day.  I found these signs as a free printable, but I see all sorts of darling ideas out there that my friends and fellow bloggers use.

Walk of Fame

My number one favorite thing we do each year is the Walk of Fame.  It’s not elaborate or expensive, but it makes me happier, prouder and more excited than any of the others.  I line the driveway with signs touting their accomplishments, both in and out of the classroom, from the past year.  I’ve already started lists for this year’s signs.  <3

Special Snack

We kick off summer each year with some sort of a “special snack” on the last day.  Last year it was all inspired by a watermelon, but you can find links to other ideas on my Celebrate tab!  This year I think I’m going to do Coke floats :-)

That just about sums things up.  I went in last week and had my very last school lunch with this big kid.  We are so ready for middle school in so many ways, but I am so unprepared in just as many different ways.  <3

Of course, I had to dine with this one too!

And, for the next few weeks I’ll be soaking up this site.  With the bus stop right at the end of our driveway, I’ve watched these two, and the EIGHT other boys at our stop play basketball each and every morning as they wait on the bus.  John will leave much later next year so it’s kind of bittersweet.

On a different note, the winner of my Ex Voto Vintage Bracelet Giveaway came from Instagram this time and is fnbinstagram.  Please email me with your mailing info! Thank you ALL so much for sharing your favorite Mother’s Day memories.  Y’all made me laugh, cry and smile and every time a new one came in I couldn’t wait to stop and read it.

With that, I’ve got to kick the first communion prep into high gear!!  Elsa ate TEN of my mini croissants for Saturday morning.  And then she burped in my face.  True story.


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6 thoughts on “End of the School Year

  1. Aww, Amanda. Your Walk of Fame was one of the first things I saw when I started reading Dixie Delights and it was so touching. It’s hard to believe John is going to be in middle school and Whit is growing up. Here’s wishing all of you a very beautiful weekend. I will be spending mine with my dear brother on the Atlantic! :-)

  2. Oh Amanda…the boys are growing up so fast. I cannot believe John is starting MS. Just remember as he starts this new chapter he still needs mom but not mommy. Best advice I was ever given.

    I have a very connected family of four like you…two boys as well. My brother told me that and it didnt sink in until my oldest had a challenge with bullying of all things. My husband and I were there to support him…but we let him take charge with the school administration. We were so proud if him.

    This will possibly be one of the hardest things to navigate…MS and eventually HS bring on such a different set of issues…teachers as amazing as they can be are not as touchy feely and the kids will face challenges they need to problem solve.

    You are a rock star mom and have so many more fun memories to look forward to.

  3. I also have a kiddo finishing up 5th grade and headed to middle school next year. I’m having a really hard time with it! I love your ideas to make the end of the year special, especially the end of the year snack. My daughter will go to school a full 2 1/2 hours earlier next year, so definitely going to miss the later, slower paced mornings of elementary school.

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