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How is it that the years fly by even faster as the littles get older?!  I guess there is something to the old adage that “time flies when you’re having fun.”  Third grade legit crawled by :-)  We were up and at ’em even before the alarm today.  The house was humming with activity… Honey making chocolate chip pancakes, Elsa trying to eat the batter, the boys acting like it was a full moon.  And in the blink of an eye, they were off…


I cannot believe how much Elsa grew this school year!!  She wins the prize for “most changed” for sure.


Before they bounded off on the bus this morning, I had them take the requisite last day pics.  These two (and their daddy) are my whole world.  I was the most excited of anyone because the last day of school means I get them back for two months!!



Along with my new neighbors that have school aged kids, I was armed with silly string and water guns as the big yellow bus pulled up to our stop!

DSC_1007 copy

DSC_1011 copy

We’ve tried a lot of traditions around here…some stick and others don’t.  But the last day of school Walk of Fame, my most favorite of all, is one I’ll do forever.  It’s not elaborate or expensive, but it makes me happier, prouder and more excited than any of the others.  I line the driveway with signs touting their accomplishments, both in and out of the classroom, from the past year.


I hate to dwell on third grade, but it happened.  John was nervous to start fourth grade and anxious over meeting his teacher.  Well, 180 days later, John left fourth grade with rebuilt self confidence, pride in his accomplishments, and love for his teacher.  We were so proud of him and so grateful for Mrs. B who believed in him and gave him every chance to succeed in her classroom.

DSC_0971 copy



DSC_0993 copy


Little Whit started first grade too timid to get on the bus.  I took him to school that day and when he said hello to Mrs. M for the first time it was barely audible.  His eyes welled up with tears when I went to leave.  I will always be thankful that, in that moment and throughout the rest of the year, his teacher used his love of Elsa and her own tall tales of her goldendoodle Tucker to break the ice with him.  Whit told me last week at bedtime that he loved Mrs. M so much that he was sure he would cry when he said goodbye to her on the last day (he confirmed today that he did).  I just felt overwhelmed with love of this lady myself, given the love that she showed my kid all year.  Whit had a tremendous year… he was accepted into the gifted program, started reading chapter books, was a math champ and dazzled us at the school STEM night with his creative thinking and problem solving.  I can hardly believe my baby is headed to second grade.

DSC_0971 cop2y




Our Walk of Fame always ends with a mad and joyful dash through the Welcome to Summer banner!!!!  This year I added a slip n slide at the end, much to their supreme delight.





DSC_1023 copy


DSC_1024 copy

Again, and again, and again!!!

DSC_1039 copy



DSC_1057 copy

DSC_1060 copy


Once they were sufficiently soaked, covered in bits of grass and exhausted from running, slipping, sliding and laughing, I brought them to the porch for our first snack of the summer!  SEE THE DETAILS HERE

DSC_1076 copy

I’ll share all the details on that tomorrow.  Because today is all about them :-)

Congrats boys on a job well done.  I am SO proud of you and “love you to reeses pieces.”

PS. If YOU are doing a Walk of Fame this year or have a special way to celebrate the start of summer, I’d love to see pics or a link to your blog post!!  Send to me at [email protected]

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8 thoughts on “2016 Walk of Fame

  1. I love this so much!!! I remembered your last day of school post from years past and just had to recreate it with my oldest little this year. He loved it for his last day of Pre-K3. It was raining so we had to do it inside but it was great non the less. I love the slip n slide idea! We have one so I’ll add that the list for next year. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great summer! I look forward to seeing all your adventures. I know you’ll take us all along with you!

  2. Congrats on finishing another year of school. I remember being so worried for John in his school situation last year. I am thankful to hear he has rebounded and surpassed his goals. That Whit, who could resist that sweet smile? Have a good summer. This Nana is getting activities together for a summer with my grands.

  3. This is my favorite, favorite post of the year! Adding the slip-n-slide at the end just takes it over the top!

    Boys, congratulations on your many accomplishments this year! You should get very proud of yourselves! And mama, you continue to be an inspiration! ? xoxo

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