A Sweet Summer Kickoff

I shared our annual last day of school Walk of Fame yesterday and wanted to pop in with the special summer kickoff snack that rounded out our celebration!  I usually do something fun and festive on both the first and last days of school.  I try to use stuff I already have around the house and, when I started to think of a “theme” for this year, I decided to go with the quintessential summertime snack – the watermelon!

DSC_1076 copy

Everything I used for the table was leftover from a previous event – mostly from Christmas with all the red and green :-)  I brought the basement chalkboard up and cleaned it off to use as a backdrop.

DSC_1070 e copy

The snacks were all in the color scheme and very simple to put together.  Sliced watermelon, lemonade with watermelon balls, red and green pepper strips, and a watermelon fruit pizza!

DSC_1077 copy

DSC_1080 copy

Ball sent me the green jars a year or two ago and it’s crazy how many occasions I find to put them to use!  The carafe (Target years ago) was filled with country time lemonade and my first attempt at using the melon baller I’ve had in the drawer for approximately 10 years.  I figured it out just in time to run out of melon.  Ha!

DSC_1092 copy

I had the red striped bunting left from Christmas.  It’s part of the Spritz line from Target and I believe it is still available.  To add some green and extra pattern, I also attached a piece of baking twine and just hung coordinating cocktail napkins on it!  Easy and inexpensive!!

DSC_1090 copy

DSC_1085 copy

The watermelon pizza was super yummy and fairly easy!  It was made with sugar cookie dough, icing, strawberries and kiwi.  I’ll try to put together a how to soon.  FIND THE RECIPE HERE

DSC_0986 copy

It was the perfect snack for a HOT first day of summer vacation!  And it kept the littles still long enough to tell me about their days.


It’s hard to believe first grade and fourth grade are behind us.  Let’s promise not to talk about the fact that we’ll be on our last year of elementary school for the oldest in a few months!

DSC_1087 copy

DSC_1088 copy

Welcome to Summer, boys!!!!!  I’m SO proud of you both!


With that, I’m looking forward to lazy mornings, late nights and no real agendas.  That’s what summer is all about around here!  I hope y’all have a great Memorial Day weekend!!


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8 thoughts on “A Sweet Summer Kickoff

  1. Love this idea as well as all of your summer kick off days. It’s so fun to make an event out of an everyday occasion. I used your Phineas and Ferb idea last year, and my tweens loved it.

  2. Just perfect! I hope y’all have the VERY best summer ever this year! I will have a last-year-of-middle-school student in a few months, and I’m left wondering how on earth we’re almost to high school?!

    Enjoy your holiday weekend! xo

  3. Such a great way to kick off summer Amanda, you inspired me to pick up some items for a Welcome to Summer party this afternoon when my teacher husband and little girls get home! I am looking forward to reading about your summer adventures, Happy Memorial Day!!

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