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In lieu of my usual Sunday Supper post I thought I’d share the details on my favorite finds at The Fresh Market.  I try my best to pop in on Tuesdays as they have their chicken breasts and ground beef on sale all day for just $2.99 per pound and I like to stock up for the week.  It’s a great deal and we have been very happy with the quality and taste of both.

Well, Mother has also been raving about their Little Big Meals for some time now and I finally picked one up when I was in the store this week.  These are easy to prepared meals portioned to feed a family of four, with price points in the $20-25 range.  The meal changes each week on Wednesday and you can preview what’s on the menu on The Fresh Market home page at any time.

For $20, I had the ingredients for a wonderful and easy to prepare meal!  We had stuffed chicken breasts, roasted veggies, a honey lemon bow tie pasta salad and a whole box of their delicious chocolate chip cookies.  (I was able to choose between three cold salads and the type of cookies.)

The entire meal took me about 5 minutes in total prep time and about 40 in cook time, primarily because veggies take a long time to roast.  We all enjoyed every single item on the menu and there were just 4 cookies and little of the pasta salad left.

I found this to be an easy, healthy, cost conscious (only $5 per person) meal solution and will definitely go back for another next week!!  I wanted to share with y’all because I the few friends I told this week were all intrigued and thought it was a great idea.  To give you an idea, here are the next two meals:

June 7-13 Summer Pasta Salad: A mouthwatering meal with three deliciously different recipes that will satisfy everyone.  $25

CHOOSE ONE: 1 lb Sirloin Steak Strips, 1.5 lb Chicken Breast Strips OR 2 pkg Portabella Caps
CHOOSE ONE: 16 oz Garofalo Pasta
CHOOSE ONE: 12 fl oz Briannas Fine Salad Dressing
CHOOSE ONE: 1 pint Graeter’s Ice Cream
GET ONE: Primavera Veggie Kit
GET ONE: Crusty Italiano Bread

June 14-20 Chicken on the Grill:  Fire up the grill and welcome warm weather with our chicken on the grill meal, featuring chicken cutlets and bounty of fresh vegetables for 4.  $20

CHOOSE ONE: 4 ct Natural OR Marinated Chicken Cutlets
CHOOSE ONE: 6 oz Lundberg Organic Quinoa & Rice Blend
CHOOSE ONE: 4 ct Lemon Dessert Bars, Fudge Brownie Bars OR Cream Cheese Brownie Bars
GET ONE: Vegetable Grilling Kit

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I am signed up to receive emails from The Fresh Market and they always send a little reminder for $2.99 Tuesday, which can be helpful in a busy week.

If you know of any time saving, yummy meal solutions, I’d love to hear about them!


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11 thoughts on “The Fresh Market Deals + Little Big Meals

  1. No Whole Foods near me, but those are still great ideas to add to my menu planning rotation for supper.

    Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. I’m glad you posted this, because we recently moved and our closest grocery is Fresh market. On days when work has been insane, I have wanted to get the little big meals, but the logistics mystified me and I would decide it was easier to grab a Costco chicken. *Anyway*, do, you still have to go around the store or are the components preassembled and centrally located, as I hope they are?

    1. They are all right together by the meat and prepared foods in my store! There is a sign there too so it should be easy to find!

  3. I am a baker at the Fresh Market, our chicken and chuck is 2.99$ everyday now….. Glad you enjoy our store!!!! ??

    1. It sure is and I’m so glad because it’s not always easy to make it over on a Tuesday and the lane has always been insane!

  4. I love the Fresh Market and have long been buying their meat deals on Tuesdays and now I will have to check out the meals! Thanks! There is a caterer I have used and she does Friday deliveries of a weekly menu and I regularly order from her; she will deliver to your door! It’s chicken/tuna salad, a selection of salads and soups. It’s nice to put in the fridge for busy weekends! I have also used her to cater birthdays and corporate parties and she does an amazing job. I’m on her email list but she also has a Facebook page.

    1. Guess it would help if I told you her name and company name. :-) Jenifer Haehn and it’s Bread and Butter Catering.

  5. I’m so glad to know this. I usually shop at Kroger and avoid Fresh Market because it always seemed a little pricey to me. But these little big meals seem like a great idea to have for a weeknight meal! Thank you for mentioning this.

  6. Trying out our first little big meal tonight. I added a couple of extra chicken tenders since there is five of us. I also told my nephew who lives in New Orleans on his own to try it out! Thanks Amanda! Does Whole Foods have a meal deal? It is new to Mobile.

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