Air Fryer Friday {Brussels Sprouts}

As I started writing this post I thought to myself that writing about my love of brussels sprouts and air fyers is something my 20-something year old self never envisioned my 40-something year old self doing.  Do you ever have those thoughts?

Anyway, this is one of my FAVORITE things to cook in the air fryer!!!!  They are SO quick and good and it doesn’t heat up the kitchen like roasting them in the oven.  And, look how crispy they get on the outside… Yum!!

They are so easy to make!

  • The fresh brussels sprouts at the grocery store have not looked great the past few weeks so I have been using frozen in a steamer bag.  I put them in the microwave for about 3 minutes, enough time to start them to thaw.  I think fresh brussels sprouts are larger and may take longer to cook so I’ll let you know once I find them again.
  • I then slice them in half and throw them all in the air fryer basket.  Cook at 360 for 8 minutes.  Open the basket, shake them up, spray them with olive oil and let cook for 2 more minutes until they start to crisp on the edges.
  • Take them out and toss with a little fresh pepper, sea salt and good balsamic vinegar.

That’s it!!  They are SO yummy.

I only have one more recipe to share next week and it is a good one.  Stay tuned!


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Philips XL Air Fryer
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7 thoughts on “Air Fryer Friday {Brussels Sprouts}

  1. YUM!! These look delicious I like to fry them in the fry daddy but this is so much healthier and easier. Thanks. I’m enjoying the recipes for the air fryer.
    Love Brussel sprouts.

  2. I too am a devoted brussels sprouts lover. I haven’t crossed over to getting an air fryer….Yet!! This may have pushed me off the fence to purchase one.

    Thank you for sharing your recipes for use in your air fryer. (I also enjoy ALL of your recipe sharing). Enjoy each and every post.

  3. Amanda, you have me convinced on an Air Fryer!! And we love Brussels sprouts! I tend to find mine at Costco for fresh. I noticed while perusing the AFs on Amazon that the Phillips and a few others come with cookbooks but what about other food items, how do you figure out the time, etc? Since we are now empty nesters, would you still recommend the XL? Thanks for any help and tips!!


  4. we bought an air fryer on a whim and i have never thought of using it for brussel sprouts. thanks so much for the idea, roasting them takes forever!

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