Best Savannah Eats {From a Local}

Yesterday I covered off on the “O girls” favorite Savannah shopping.  Today we will talk food!  Since we were celebrating a big birthday, we hit our long-standing favorites over the course of our three days.  These are our collective top choices for Savannah dining.

The Pink House

You really can’t beat the old Savannah charm, mystery and hospitality of The Pink House.  So many of our family celebrations and milestones have been celebrated here over the years.  It is located in the historic district and is a great choice for lunch or dinner.  If you don’t have time for a meal, the bar on the bottom floor is wonderful in the winter with it’s cozy seating and roaring fire.  Our favorite eats are the fried green tomato appetizer, BLT Salad, pork loin entree and praline basket dessert.

Cotton & Rye

This one is a bit off the beaten path, but is worth the drive from the historic district.  It is unpretentious and delicious, and the food and service are both excellent.  Our favorites are the tossed salad, shrimp and grits (appetizer but you can get as an entree), macaroni and cheese and candy bar for dessert.

I can’t talk about Cotton & Rye without mentioning that it is almost directly across the street from where my Grandad’s Dry Cleaners was located on this empty corner.  My great grandmother lived in that white house.  <3

Crystal Beer Parlor

Much like the Pink House, I have years and years of memories of coming to the Crystal Beer Parlor.  My parents have been dining here for so long that they have stories about ordering off of the old original menus (Savannah’s second oldest restaurant!) with their parents when they were kids.  Favorites include the Other Salad and any burger and fries.  They do not take reservations so go early or try it for lunch.

Kakki Savannah

This one is so off the grid that I don’t even have a website to share with you :-)  But, we love it so much that we have been known to have Mother and Daddy-O get take out for 10 on their way to Atlanta so we can all enjoy it for dinner.  It is located on Whitmarsh Island so would make a good stop on the way to or home from the beach.  Or maybe if you were visiting Oatland Island.  Favorites are the gyoza, salad with ginger dressing and teriyaki chicken plate.

We could only eat so much in three days.  HA!  Other favorites not mentioned include Local 11ten , Back in the Day Bakery and The Pirate’s House (with kids).

You can find ALL of my Savannah favorites here >> Delightful Savannah

I hope you had a happy hump day.  I’ve been buried in trying to catch up from being gone and then preparing to leave again on Friday!


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10 thoughts on “Best Savannah Eats {From a Local}

    1. Whitmarsh Island in the shopping center across from WalMart. It doesn’t look like much but is delicious!

  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful, elegant and fun mother! How wonderful that you were able to spend this special time together.

    Have a great year, “Marme”! It’s always so nice to see a photo of you and “Daddy O” and you both look wonderful. :-)

  2. Finally! A restaurant that truly browns the gyoza! I am putting Kakki at the top of my list for Savannah restaurants and appreciate all of your recommendations.

  3. Lived in Blufton and loved going to Savannah -another gem I loved for lunch was the green truck. The outside doesn’t look like much but the food was great !

      1. Yes it is in the same parking lot as Habersham! Give it a try you’ll love it… farm to table style- they even make their own ketchup. ( And for fun hit two women and a warehouse down the road)

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