Sweet and Simple Valentine’s Day Decor

I don’t usually do a whole lot of decorating for Valentine’s Day, but I did put a few sweet and simple touches out in the foyer, den and kitchen.

I hung a simple tassel garland and a glittered XO that I have had around for years over the antique foyer mirror.  Mother and I did a video tutorial on how to make these garlands here >> Tissue Paper Tassels Tutorial

I shared The Greatest Showman free printable last week.  I think it is perfect for Valentine’s Day, as well as pretty much every other day of the year.  You can find this one, plus two more printables from the movie here  >> The Greatest Showman Free Printables

A bowl of my all time favorite candy, cinnamon jelly hearts, is the “sweet” to the rest of the “simple”.  Side note on those, don’t accidentally buy the cherry hearts.  Been there, done that.

Oh, and I’ve had a ton of questions about this frame.  It was around $7 from Home Goods!

Moving over to the den, I sat out more pink flowers and the quintessential Valentine’s candy – conversation hearts.

Peanut Man has traded out his nuts for candy.   The Enchanted Rose by Luxe Bloom was a gift from last year’s Disney Social Media Celebration. It requires no water and was said to keep its natural beauty for 60 days but we are going on a year!

I shared our little tic-tac-toe table yesterday!  I got a ton of questions about these frames.  They are from the Magnolia line at Target.

Finally, in the kitchen I brought in a Lilly pillow from the porch, a Lilly candle that I usually have in my office and more conversation hearts.

I do have a fun story to share about all of the flowers shown in this post …

A few weeks ago I got an email from Costco about their current deals.  The headline read:

Ends Today! 1 cent Installation on Michelin Tires! Plus Pre-Order 50 Stem Valentine’s Day Roses $49.99 Delivered!

Seems like an amazing deal, right?!

Well, every single year Honey dutifully comes home with roses.  They are always the last of the lot left from the parking-lot set up at Kroger and he always WAY over pays for them, but he knows this and I know this and neither of us care too much.  I mean, a man coming home with flowers is pretty perfect no matter the terms.  But, when I saw this email I thought why not help a guy out?!  I forwarded it on.

A few minutes later I get a reply. “You already need new tires?”


So, as I was checking out with the roses in Trader Joe’s, this conversation happens:

Cashier: Do you know the other place I love to buy flowers?

Me: No

Cashier: Costco!

Me: Same!!  Get this… and I tell him about the FABULOUS deal on Valentine’s Day roses.  And then I tell him about the tires.

Cashier:  (as he is guffawing at my story and tears of laughter are rolling down his face) These flowers are ALL on ME today!  Enjoy!

It kinda made my day.


4 thoughts on “Sweet and Simple Valentine’s Day Decor

  1. Honey! Oh my goodness – I’m dying! ?

    I love your Valentine’s Day decor, and the flowers (and story) are absolutely the icing on the cake! xoxo

  2. Love the Costco story. I broke 2 bones in my foot and my neighbor brought me a bouquet of flowers. My hubby offered to put them in water, asking me where a vase was. I silently pointed to the “empty” vase on the kitchen table. I guess he doesn’t notice when I buy myself flowers. Hahaha.

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