Our Godson’s First Communion

Our precious nephew and godson, affectionately known as Jay Bird in the family, celebrated his first holy communion on Mother’s Day weekend.

It was a beautiful mass and he had many family members present!  It was particularly special to be back at Holy Spirit as both of my boys, and both of our godchildren, were baptized there.

We don’t have pictures back from the service yet, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share these!  With his parents…

… and his godparents!

I captured this sweet shot before mass started. Her first communion will be here before we know it.

I love this one of “Uncle Honey” with all the kids after mass.  He’s quite popular with them since he plays Fortnite as much as the rest of kids.

Can you believe this is my firstborn?  I can’t.  Don’t blink, y’all.

The obliged me with one – and I mean ONE – photo together.  They are wearing their dapper Vineyard Vines bow tie souvenirs from our White House tour <3

We attended the reception at the church after the mass.

And afterwards we hosted the celebratory “linner” (you know, the meal that happens between lunch and dinner) back at our home.  Now, I cannot take much credit for any of this – it was all Sister’s vision with help in execution from Mother and me.

Just like we did for my boys’, we set up chicken salads, croissants, cheese straws and salad on the porch.  The man of the hour also requested Chick-fil-A nuggets :-)

We hung my boxwood wreath on a blank canvas as a gorgeous and simple backdrop for the cake.  Sister got the cake from Cami Cakes and added cut greenery from her yard.

Most of the flowers were from Sister’s yard.  We had so much that we were able to put small vases all over the porch and inside too.

We set up the favors (cookies and prayer cards) on the porch as well.

We had the food on the porch and drink set up inside.

It was such a beautiful day and special occasion.  Jay switched the “lego Jesus” tie from the mass (as my kids dubbed it when John first wore it) for this bow tie for the party.  Mother bought the tie in Europe and Jay was her third grand to wear it for this sacrament.  <3

I have gathered all the sources from Sister below:

Congratulations and God Bless Jay Bird <3

John’s First Communion  |  Whit’s First Communion

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7 thoughts on “Our Godson’s First Communion

  1. What a beautiful day for all of you. I just can’t believe my eyes how they have all grown! Jay Bird is so handsome. (My mom called me Jane Bird.) God bless him always. Thank you for sharing Sister’s lovely touches and this special, blessed day.

  2. God bless Jay! I took your idea a couple years ago when my oldest had her First Communion and had prayer cards made. So special! We then got cards for my baby’s baptism last year and my middle’s First Communion this year! I love it and thank you for posting about it!

  3. Congratulations, Jay!! What a blessed day! I can’t believe how grown up John looks. He is a young man all of a sudden.

  4. Your niece and nephew look so much like you. I especially love the picture of you and your oldest. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful celebration. Thanks for sharing!

  5. “Lego Jesus”!!! I’m dying!! That’s hysterical. I had to go back and look at the close up pic to see it. Sure enough, it looks like Lego Jesus. Precious!!

    So happy for cute Jay Bird to know and love Jesus. Even in lego form. :-)

  6. I can not believe how fast these kids are growing up….oh my what good looking kids! Wonderful celebration….congratulations Jay Bird.

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