Master Bathroom {Lights & Mirrors}

Things in the master bathroom reno are trucking along nicely!  I made a few more final selections this week and am excited to share them with you.

First, the mirrors.  These will hang over each of our sinks in the silver finish.  I have this mirror in my powder room and love it.  I poked around looking for something else that I loved as much and just kept coming back to this.  If you like it, keep an eye on it.  There is a sitewide sale going on right now but they were 25% off when I purchased them.  Wisteria Moroccan Mirror

I picked these sconces to hang on either side of each mirror.  They have a really nice size and a bit of a modern look which I think will be nice with some of the other traditional things going into the room.  Pottery Barn Pearson Shade Sconce

I mentioned to Honey that I might like to bring this cute crystal pendant up from the basement to hang over the tub and in front of the large window.  (It was originally in a bathroom in our old house.)  He didn’t seem thrilled about having to move it and fix the ceiling but I’m going to keep working on that.  It may be too small anyway, but it is certainly underappreciated down in the boy-crazy basement.  Dixie Delights Basement

We also moved the can lights to be better positioned over the sinks, shower and toilet room.  It should be very well lit!

Here’s a little reminder of where we left off last week.  Master Bathroom {Week 2 Construction Update}

If you want to track along, you can see the choices we’ve already made here…

Project Selection List

Storehouse Construction

Following is contact information for the contractor we selected.

Storehouse Construction, LLC
Jason Stanfield, Owner
[email protected]

The tile has all been grouted (Is that a word?) and the dry wall crew is here now!  I’ll give a full update at the end of the week.

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5 thoughts on “Master Bathroom {Lights & Mirrors}

  1. Just an FYI on the chandelier over the tub thing. I wanted one really bad when we did our bathroom renovation in our old house. Turns out it’s against code everywhere. So don’t be surprised if your electrician says no. For us they had to move the pot light over so it was not directly over the tub but in the center of the room. Which also meant they had to measure the ceiling and light fixture height to ensure no one walked into the chandelier. It all worked out and it looked beautiful but all the pictures you see in design magazines are telling a false story.

  2. Lookin’ great, Amanda! Your precious chandelier, holding its own in the boys’ trophy area, is just too adorable!

  3. Hi Amanda-
    Quick question- are you can lights LED? I’m really struggling with the much cooler light that LED puts off. Thinking of going old School traditional can lights in the master? HELP!!-Erica

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