I Love {The Preppy Stitch}

When we returned from our trip last week, a BIG box of the fluffiest towels with the most perfect monograms from The Preppy Stitch were waiting on me!

I used the interlocking AW in a light gray thread for the master bathroom.  I got a few questions here and on Instagram about what monogram should go on things like napkins and towels.  A is my first name and W is my last name so it can be used for my stuff.  But, what I really love about it, is that W is also Honey’s first name so it doubles as a shared monogram for us.  I have been using a variation of this for years.  You can see where I used a similar monogram on a set of napkins a while back.   I have also done napkins and towels with just a “W” for our last name, and in an aWw three letter monogram for both of us.

Moving along, I absolutely love this monogram style for the boy’s bathroom.  It is so different from anything else I have.

I’m really going to try and photograph the bathrooms in the next week so that I can share the big reveals!!

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2 thoughts on “I Love {The Preppy Stitch}

  1. Hi Amanda,
    When you work with her, how do you work out getting the material to her? Or does she supply the towels? Thanks! It all looks great!

    1. Hi Jessica!! I shipped her my towels direct from Target (free with the red card). I paid her to ship them back to me. Amanda

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