Sunday Supper {Instant Pot Pot Roast}

We love a roast and I have tried a lot of recipes and methods over the years.  When I saw this one on the Number 2 Pencil Blog, I knew I had to try it.

When I got the Instant Pot I specifically purchased one with a slow cook function to not have to keep both rather large counter top appliances around.  I’ll be honest, I don’t LOVE the slow cook function (it seems exceedingly slow), but the other pros of the instant pot outweigh that.  In particular, I DO love that I can brown a roast all over, and then pressure cook it and then keep keep it warm all in one super easy to clean pot.  Here’s the recipe…

Number 2 Pencil Blog Instant Pot Pot Roast

I followed the recipe exactly as stated, with the following exceptions:

  • I used an entire bag of mini carrots (rather than 4 whole carrots, so that I could just dump them in)
  • I used 3 lbs of yukon gold potatoes (because I bought a 5lb bag and love potatoes)

Be sure to read the recipe in full before starting because this isn’t your typical quick pressure cooker recipe.  It takes a lot of time to cook a roast.  I mis-timed pretty much everything and minutes after the pressure release finished we had to head right out to a baseball game.  I simply turned on the slow cooker function to “keep warm” while we were away, which was really nice.  The roast was fall-apart delicious, the carrots and potatoes were perfectly cooked, and we had enough to feed us all for two nights plus some!

Look here for my other favorite roast recipe.

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful fall Sunday!  John is feeling under the weather and Honey and I are exhausted from a fun Halloween party last night so ours has been extremely low key.

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  1. I don’t like the slow cook feature on my Instant Pot either and thought maybe I got a bad one. I received it last Christmas and have used it only three times to pressure cook meals, but didn’t love the results of anything I made. I’m going to get it out and give it another try this week. Thanks for recipe idea.

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