From Bar Stools to Foot Stools

When we updated the kitchen and cut the peninsula down to counter height, it left our existing VERY tall bar stools obsolete. When we moved in this house ten years ago, it took me a good deal of time to hunt down bar stools at this height. The only option came unfinished with leather seats. I primed and painted the bases and made the skirted seat covers myself! I love them and hated to see them go.

DSC_0479 copy

In leveling out the counter height and extending it out a few inches, it made this space much more usable and practical. However, cute fabric covered bar stools with two boys is pretty much the opposite of practical. I replaced them with three saddle stools for even more seating and to match the stools on the island.

After MUCH begging and pleading and providing points on WHY this was a great idea, Honey finally agreed to cut the legs down on the super tall bar stools. :-) He thought it would ruin them and that he’d need to make some sort of reinforcements for the legs. As it turns out, everything went perfectly and I now have two cute stools to use for extra seating or foot rests in the den!

They actually slide under the TV sideboard and the record player table so they don’t have to be out at all times.

I love the way they look and am so happy that we were able to repurpose them!

We’ve all enjoyed using them as comfy foot rests while sitting on the sofa.

You can find all the details and sources on the kitchen update here:

And you can find the same for the den here: (It is pretty outdated and I need to do a new post soon!)

Many of you have emailed and messaged me about how my parents fared in the storm – thankfully, they had noting more than a few small limbs and leaves to clean up. My heart goes out to all that bore the brunt of the storm, especially in the Bahamas, and to those still in its path.

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10 thoughts on “From Bar Stools to Foot Stools

  1. Amanda,
    What a great idea… the old barstools have been transitioned into beautiful footstools!! I adore the fabric on them as well and they coordinate so well with everything else in your den. You really scored a home-run on these!

  2. Love the repurposing!

    Man, you had upholstered bar stools ever – toddlers none the less.

    They ate in great condition! We’re they covered in plastic?!,)

    1. Well, they were REALLY tall and I even had to climb up on them to use them. Then, the counter that was there was really narrow – only about wide enough for a plate. Both of those things together meant they were almost never used! Therefore, they survived. HAHA! My kitchen chairs are upholstered and I’ve had them for 10 years through all the baby, toddler, etc. years. I sprayed them with scotch guard a few times and they held up well.

    1. Yes! We’ve actually had it for most of this year. I think I just never shared. The old mirrored one cracked and I ended up selling it for almost full price of what we paid for it!

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