Winter Dinner Party {Chili & Beer Tasting}

A couple of weeks ago we hosted our crew for a winter dinner party. Honey and I were both excited to resurrect a party theme we used years ago – chili and beer tasting! It’s a fun, social theme perfect for winter. And, the best part of all, you can prepare everything in advance and really enjoy your company!

The Table

First things first, I realize my table is pretty fancy for chili and beer. And, you know what? I did it anyway! :-) We host and attend events all the time with paper plates and napkins, and that’s FINE. I just wanted to set a pretty table and went for it.

You’ve seen all of these things a gazillion times on the blog… the china, candles, julep cups, silver and urns. The beautiful thing about having beautiful basics is that they can go for any season, color scheme or event! I chose pink, lavender and merlot because we hosted right before Valentine’s day.

Sources (affiliate links):
Pink velvet ribbon
Merlot napkins
Chili tasting cups

I typically do flower arrangements in one color, to keep things easy, but I branched out into a variety here and do love how it turned out! You can find my tips for flower arranging in this post:

Beer Tasting

As far as the food, the only thing we asked our guests to bring was their favorite beer(s) for the tasting! We set this bowl out in the kitchen and our guests added one or two beers to it as they came in. The rest went in large coolers on the porch. We also set out some common beer garnishes, including oranges, limes and blueberries. We also put out cups so people could taste beers without committing to the whole bottle/can.

I had peaches on hand from the teacher appreciation luncheon so I infused water with peaches, limes and oranges. It was delicious!

The Recipes

Find all of the recopies from the party in this post:


Going with my beer theme, I made a beer cheese fondue for an appetizer. This was served with bread, tomatoes, apples and carrots.

Chili Tasting

We did our three favorite chilis – beef and bean, southwest and white chicken! I put out these tasting cups so that guests could take smaller portions and try all three. Of course all of the toppings were available as well.


For dessert, I went with one of our FAVORITES and it was a huge hit… baked brownie pudding!

I will share ALL the recipes tomorrow as I have to get to work today… Disney Cruise Line released summer 2021 itineraries and it’s going to be a crazy good day!

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12 thoughts on “Winter Dinner Party {Chili & Beer Tasting}

  1. Lovely! Could you please share where you purchased the wonderful monogrammed cups, water dispenser, and beautiful large monogrammed bowl?

    1. Thank you SO much!! A client sent me a generous gift card to Mark & Graham and I used it to purchase the large white monogrammed bowl! The monogrammed cups are old – from The glass dispensers are also old – from World Market. <3

    1. Thank you SO much!! A client sent me a generous gift card to Mark & Graham and I used it to purchase the large white monogrammed bowl!

  2. Amanda…i have been a follower for a long time….I adore your blog and I thank you for such wonderful posts! It’s a bright spot in the day….warm hugs from Texas!

  3. We are hosting friends in March and this is a perfect idea! Do you have a source for your fondue pot? I always look at them before New Year’s Eve but can never decide. I’m a longtime reader and love seeing how you decorate and celebrate. Thank you!

  4. I remember when you hosted this way back when – we took your idea and have done this a couple of times as well. Such a fun party idea! And, I LOVE that you set a beautiful table! xo

  5. This is from another post of yours but I’m wanting some flax colored linen napkins with white fancy monogram on them. I think you posted about yours one time but i can’t find it. Help! Wanting to order them online .

    1. Those were really, really old, if I’m thinking of the right ones. I found them at Homegoods and had a local mom monogram them!

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