Simply Jessica Marie Watercolor Class

Back in May I signed up for Simply Jessica Marie’s color cocktails watercolor class. I am creative but not artistic so I’ve always shied away from things like this. I decided to throw caution to the wind and take the plunge. She provided a supply list, which I was able to order in one fell swoop and then kicked off the class the first week of June.

Each Friday for 15 weeks, she emails a 15-20 minute watercolor video tutorial for you to do on your own time as many times as you like. In the lessons, she covers how to mix a unique color, a bit of the psychology behind the color and how to best use the color in your paintings. At the end, she walks you through creating a practice piece.

I have enjoyed her class SO much and have found it fun and relaxing. I typically do two classes at a time back to back. Then I practice if and when I feel like it during the week.

If you’re interested in signing up for the color cocktails class, you can start any time! See the post on her blog here:

Simply Jessica Maria may sound familiar, as she is the artist behind my gorgeous family crest that I shared a few weeks back.

You can find all the details on creating that process with Jessica here. I know many of you have already contacted her!!

Have you learned anything new or found some fun, unique things to do during this crazy time? If so, I’d love to hear!

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3 thoughts on “Simply Jessica Marie Watercolor Class

  1. We’re so thankful for my daughter’s AAU basketball team. She usually has three tournaments over the summer and it’s daddy/daughter time for them while I’m back at home with Y sports and birthday parties and whatnot for the younger ones. This year, we are doing the full deal: luxury hotel suites and splurging on take out. They take everyone’s temperature and you have to sign the travel waiver so I feel somewhat safe. Now we look forward to every tournament!!

  2. What a fun idea! I took up watercolor a few years ago, but really haven’t progressed. I’m going to check it out! xo

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