Celebrating Elsa Belle on International Dog Day

It’s international dog day and we are loving on our Elsa Belle with extra snuggles, a car ride, belly scratches and some homemade treats!

I never dreamed my only daughter would be covered in fur and walk on for legs, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Here are my favorite art pieces of our top dog… she looks like two different animals when she is neatly trimmed versus all grown out and fluffy!

Simply Jessica Marie | Buckhead Art Studio
Family Office | Boy’s Room

It’s still the dog days of summer here, so we are making a batch of Frosty Paws for the girl! You can find our recipe below. It is really easy and big kids can make them on their own. We keep them in a big zip top back in our freezer and they last for months. The plate is Happy Everything with the bone mini attachment. My bestie made her name in vinyl on the Cricut years ago.

Another favorite are these homemade bones. They are really easy and great for young helpers.

I hope that you and all your furry friends have a GREAT day!

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One thought on “Celebrating Elsa Belle on International Dog Day

  1. We’ve made the dog biscuit recipe before that you shared and now we will have to try the icecream! It’s amazing how much these pups mean to our families.

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