A Classic Christmas {Favorite Candle}

I’ve started decorating and cannot wait to turn everything on and soak up the season! I purchased this Balsam & Cedar candle last year in a local boutique and LOVED it. It is so much more affordable than the Frasier Fir candle that had been my favorite for the last twenty years. I found it on Amazon this year and stocked up on a few for the den, powder room and porch!

It comes in a beautiful tin, is quite fragrant and burns nicely. I purchased both the demi vanity tin and the vanity tin this year but, after seeing them, would just go with the full size in the future for the price.

Last year I also used their woodfire scent after the holiday and enjoyed it as well. I plan to do the same again!

I can’t wait to finish up our decorations and kick off the home tour!

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5 thoughts on “A Classic Christmas {Favorite Candle}

  1. Thanks for the tip! I love Frasier Fir, but it’s so pricey. This looks like a good alternative for the fresh pine scent!

  2. I love the balsam and cedar candle from Yankee Candle, and you can “Prime” the large jar for 14.95! (I, too, enjoyed that pricey one you used for twenty years!)

  3. I just a balsam fir candle today at HomeGoods that came in a lovely box as well by SkinnyGirl. Yes, the same brand as the cocktail maker. It smells heavenly and I had planned on giving it as a gift but the more I smell it and look at it the more I love it so not so sure it will be leaving my home…lol.

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