Cut Camellias

After admiring my new camellias in full bloom from the window for a couple of days, I finally pulled on the wellies and bundled up to go out and cut! They are so lovely inside and just what I needed to perk up a streak of dreary days.

The camellia is new in the back yard and I expect will bring years of these beauties to our home!

Meanwhile, last spring we replaced a few dead shrubs out front with a smaller variety. They are still quite tiny, but were also full of beautiful blooms.

You can see the rest of the winter foyer here:

I always say I have a black thumb – and it’s true. The fact that these grew in my own yard brings endless pleasure.

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6 thoughts on “Cut Camellias

    1. Not very well to be honest. Using long green pipe cleaners. It has stayed put for over a year, but looks messy from the back.

  1. I just love the beauty of camellias especially when its cold outside and nothing else is blooming! My camellia doesn’t bloom until late February/early March but my neighbors blooms in late December. My late father in law had two of the biggest camellias in his yard in MS and they were just beautiful when they were in bloom.

  2. I am new to Georgia and we planted pink camellias all over the front yard and I love them. They have bloomed since December. Someone suggested planting gardenias, but the scent of them give me headaches, so we went with camellias.

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