Valentine’s Day Sweets & Treats Prep

Y’all loved it when I shared my Christmas finds from Trader Joe’s early in the season, so I thought I’d do the same for Valentine’s Day! I picked up a few fun things.

First, these heart shaped macarons are DARLING and DELICIOUS. Yes, I already tried them! I grabbed a few boxes to give as gifts and to enjoy at home. They are in the freezer section right next to the usual macarons.

I plan to do a Valentine’s Day sweets snack board for the boys and grabbed all sorts of goodies for that! I haven’t decided if I’ll do one large grazing board or the cute minis that we’ve all fallen for.  (SET OF 6 BAMBOO CUTTING BOARDS

You can see them in use in these two posts:

I got a box of these for Elsa last week and she loves them! I picked up another today because you know how Trader Joe’s is… get it or they sell out. I am now that person who smells her dog’s breath often and these did, in fact, make it minty fresh. If only for a moment. For the record, she has breath only a mother could love and I do love it. :-)

Finally, I got this mold to attempt heart shaped cocoa bombs! I am going to share how I made them for New Years Eve by the end of the week – promise. They were delicious and we all loved them.

I need to get my few decorations up but Mother is sending me a hand painted garland and I’m waiting on that!! I love her surprises!!

I have heard from readers on Instagram that Costco has their heart ravioli back and that they also have heart shaped macarons. Have you found any fabulous holiday treats to share?!

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