Patriotic Porch

Just in the nick of time I’m wrapping up our mini patriotic home tour with our porch! I’ve decorate this space ever since we moved in 12 years ago.

Our neighborhood does a huge fireworks display for the Fourth so we often host friends and family for a pre-show party. I pared down the porch decor a little this year since I was also doing the cabana space.

Back when we first finished the porch Mother helped me make red and white covers for my throw pillows.  I just slide them right on top of the regular ones for an easy change up that takes up virtually no space in storage.  The flag pillow was another Pottery Barn find from a few years ago.

This space will be full of people in a couple of days…. just like the good old days. :-)

The table runner is another thing I’ve had for ages.  It was also from Pottery Barn back in the day.  I still remember taking a newborn photo of Jay Bird on this runner – he arrived May 29 but was due July 4. <3 We recreated it for years!

For an easy 2-minute centerpiece, I filled four mason jars with hydrangeas (fresh from my mother in law’s yard!) and two flags to sit inside of my vintage Coke crate.   You can see my tips for working with hydrangeas in this post.

I have also used the same American Flag Bunting for years.  I love that it is decorative from both outside and inside the porch. My one new learning with the pool addition is that they do block your line of sight when sitting on the porch sofa looking out to the pool water – this would have been very stressful when my boys were younger. Of course, that is the exact reason it took 12 years to add a pool – my own angst at having to manage young kids and a pool as opposed to letting them run relatively free in pretty harmless grass. :-)

You can tour the pool area, cabana and courtyard here:

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy Fourth of Julyl!

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4 thoughts on “Patriotic Porch

  1. Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Your home looks fabulous, Amanda! Here’s hoping you are feeling almost normal again. I’m going to try Daddy O’s burgers tonight (having always wanted to) with our roasted corn and fresh tomatoes from our little garden. 😀🍔🌽🍅 Can’t wait! Enjoy your All American Weekend! 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️ Jane ~ San Diego 🌊🌊 ☀️🌊🌊

  2. Hi Amanda. I hope you don’t mind answering a quick question. I’m just curious if you have had a problem with the striped towels creating excessive lint. They are so darling but many reviews say they give off crazy amounts of it in the washer, dryer and sticking on the towels, ruining the pristine look. Thank you for opinion.

    1. Hi Jane,

      Not yet BUT Honey has been doing a lot of the laundry. I’ll let you know after we wash again!


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