Splashing Into Summer Post Spider

I thought I’d check in with one final update on the spider today. While most Atlantan’s are preparing for a new school year, on this last day of July I finally splashed into summer! I got the a-ok to resume normal operations regarding showers, swimming, baths and exercise post spider bite. I will end up with a pretty big scar but it is on the back of my thigh and I turned down the offer if seeing a plastic surgeon for that. Hey, I have a real battle wound now! (It honestly did look like a gunshot wound for a while.)

We still had a full month of travel and fun, but it was a looooong ten weeks staring at this backyard pool and not being able to swim. I am so grateful for wonderful medical care in Atlanta, support of friends and family, and for ALL of your kind emails and comments over the last two and a half months! What a ride!

Now that we are back in town, I’ll resume normal operations here on the blog too – covering food, decor, books, celebrations, family and Disney, of course.

Cheers to a new month and new beginnings for yours truly!

UPDATE: If you really, really want to read the full schedule of events and see the nasty photos, I have created a hidden page that you can access here. I have reached the end of the internet on MRSA photos and information. I was and primarily am interested in what things to visually look out for. I am ONLY sharing this for reference in the hopes that it can help someone down the road. MRSA can be deadly. CLICK WITH CAUTION

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7 thoughts on “Splashing Into Summer Post Spider

  1. Great news Amanda! Happy to hear you finally got the okay to resume your favorite activities especially swimming in your beautiful pool. I know it seemed like an eternity! I was wondering if you had seen Disney’s Jungle Cruise yet? We saw it Friday night and loved it! This was our first movie in a theatre since COVID and even better yet we have new movie theatre in our town called Cinema Cafe which we also loved.

    1. We rented it but haven’t watched it yet! We did see Cruella in the theater and, like you, thought it felt so good to be back.

  2. So very glad to read you have recovered enough to get back to normal. Thank God for hearing our petitions for healing. I also so appreciate your detailed post on what the Drs. prescribed for you. I am sure it will help numerous families with wounds. Happy Fall to you all !!

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