Happy Halloween 2021

We celebrated John’s confirmation yesterday and enjoyed a nice relaxing Sunday morning to kick off our Halloween. John had lacrosse practice and Whit had a basketball game. I loved dressing up in full festive attire for basketball, as my youngest child doesn’t threaten to disown me at the drop of a hat, nor does he ever seem to be embarrassed by my shenanigans. :-)

Both boys headed out with friends to trick or treat and it was our first time ever to stay home and hand out candy! I had planned to make a festive meal and witch’s brew for my parents and us but party exhaustion got the best of me. We ordered in from our favorite local mexican and spent the evening greeting our trick or treaters!

2020 brought our largest number of trick or treaters ever and I attribute that to having a table at the end of the driveway. We are not on the sidewalk side of the street and it’s a long haul up the hill of our front yard. We set up our table again this year and it was the first time ever that we ran out of candy! We loved seeing all of our friends and neighbors throughout the night.

The best of all was when John answered the door to a sneaky trick or treater who bypassed our table. I came up to see Whit walking away. I said to John “Was that your brother?” He replied “No. Wait, was it?!” We hear a voice from down the sidewalk say “Trick or treat, John and mom!” He had on his ghost face mask at the time and was pretty pleased to trick his brother. HA! (Pictured below without the mask on the left.)

Everything here was pretty much wrapped up by 8PM as Atlanta – and the state of Georgia – had a ball game to watch! :-)

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