Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2021 {Exterior}

Welcome, foolish mortals, to our 2021 haunted Halloween tour! I was SO close to not going “all out” this year, just based on some other things we have going on. While I was mulling it over, John said this completely out of the blue… “I love Halloween and Christmas here. It’s my favorite time to live here.” That was all I needed to go tearing through the attic and closets in search of every Halloween thing we’ve ever owned.

The frights and delights start before you’ve even entered the house, with pumpkins and spiders and ghosts out front. The mesh ghosts are from Michael’s and I collected them over the course of a couple of years (they were in stores last year for sure). I love them because they store flat and take up no space!

Large spiders can be found at Michael’s or Target and the Jack o Lanterns are from Target. I’ve had all of mine for many years. The friendly ghost door hanger from Bronwyn Hanahan is one of my favorites!  The mini mesh ghosts in the ferns are also from Michael’s and they do have them this year.

I love keeping the outside happy and cheerful for Halloween so that we don’t scare off any trick or treaters. Inside things get a little spookier each year as my boys get older.

Speaking of Trick or Treaters, I picked this sign up at Target a couple of years ago and replaced the rope with ribbon. I keep it on the inside door knob until Halloween night.

I have two more ghosts down at the corner by our Little Free Library and in front of the mailbox this year.

I’ll share the rest of our spooky decor over the coming weeks!!  I hope you’ll follow along!!

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3 thoughts on “Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2021 {Exterior}

  1. The poor boy is realizing his days in his childhood home are wrapping up! Glad you decided to decorate!

  2. How do you clean the outside decorations? I have flat mesh/webbed items that collect a lot of dust and grass on them over the month. Do you spray them off with the hose, or just put them away a little dusty? I never know exactly how to clean them up without any scrubbing or brushing that might damage them.

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