Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2021 {Kitchen}

Welcome back today as we stop in the kitchen on this year’s Haunted Halloween Home Tour!

While the den decor is pretty spooky with the hologram pictures, bleeding silhouettes and haunted accessories, the kitchen is a cute and friendly take on Halloween. I like to use a lot of my Mickey things in here.

I keep out the white decorate plates that I use pretty much year round and replace the oyster plates with Halloween decor.

I got the Happy Everything frame a couple of years ago and have enjoyed swapping out the attachments and pictures pretty much every month. The chalkboard was from Michael’s a few years ago. I made the crow at a craft party hosted by Sister a while back. And, of course, seasonal candy is always a favorite way to decorate for any holiday. The jar of Oreo’s didn’t last long!

Happy Everything Frame | Jack o Lantern Attachment

At the sink I go with two holiday decor stand-bys – seasonal soaps and dishtowels! This year I picked up the Pumpkin Spice scent from Williams Sonoma and it is heavenly.

A couple of years ago I accidentally put out all candy corn colored fruit, but now it’s a thing. Oranges in lunch boxes all month long. :-)

The coffee area has been dressed with my Happy Everything plate and new Mickey ghost mugs that we brought home as our Disney souvenirs three years ago. I have finally learned to use my coffee machine and am in love! I make my own vanilla and lavender syrups each week.

We use the island for everything now that it is flat and solid! I kept the holiday decor to a minimum – using just the Mickey Treat Bowl that I chose as a souvenir from Disney two years ago (still current, though). I put clementines inside for an easy snack. Those have already been devoured and Honey replaced them with mini waffles from Costco. Men!

Like the island, we use the kitchen table daily. I keep seasonal decor simple and to something that can stay during meals, or be easily moved.

For Halloween I have my old Ballard Jack o Lantern shades out over the island and the table.

I tied ribbons on this cute container I’ve had for ages. The arrangement was made in a large cup to fit right inside and not ruin the pumpkin. I went with orange and yellow flowers for Halloween!

How to Arrange Flowers Video

I repurposed the bunting I made for the porch fireplace a couple of years ago into a smaller bunting for the kitchen. I added the cutest Trick or Treat garland from the dollar spot at Target. I use command hooks to hang things like this on the mirror.

Black White Striped Ribbon (both widths) | Black Tulle

This darling Mickey ghost pillow is yet another Disney Halloween souvenir. Two of my favorite things!

Just like we did the last couple of years, we kicked off our Halloween festivities with a dessert in the Haunted House Bundt Pan.  You can find the recipe for the cake and more details in this post.

I’ve used and reused these Starbucks frappuccino bottles for years!  I picked up the ghost face clings years ago as well, but they would be easy to paint right onto the bottles, or use a cricut to create.

I love decorating the kitchen almost more than any other room (except the porch) because it is truly the heart of our home!

The mudroom is just off of the kitchen and, while they have been outgrown, I still put out the trick or treat bags for nostalgia. This year Whit and I where thrilled when we found Halloween treats for Elsa. She’s such a strange pup – she plays with the ghosts before eating them. Only the ghosts.

If you missed the den tour, you can head over there for a scare now!

Happy Halloween, y’all!

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