Announcing Anna Dasher

If you’ve been here for a while, you will know Santa brings the boys four gifts each Christmas. Something you want, something you need, something to do and something to read. Well, over time the something to read has become the most womp womp gift of the lot. We’ve done guide books and fun books and picture books but our best book of all was Christmas 2021 when they each opened “Anna Dasher’s Wonderous Adventures”.

I wanted a creative way to announce the new arrival from Santa, but didn’t want to break our standing four gift rule. We got really creative with “read” and turned it into a birth announcement. I personalized a story book for each of them on

As we received pictures of the “Reindeer litter”, I printed them to share with the boys down the road. I used double stick tape to adhere them inside the front and back covers of the books.

Speaking of reindeer, that is how we got her Dasher middle name. And, the boys had always talked about adding an Anna to go with our Elsa. This little one, with her apricot hair and white streak was the most perfect puppy version of Anna we could imagine. Even her personality is Anna all the way.

We didn’t know if the boys might prefer to call her “Dash” but the unanimously and simultaneously agreed she was “Anna”. I like to call her by her double name, like a proper Southern lady. :-)

We got a new pic of Anna Dasher on Christmas Eve, and I made the cute little insert for each book. I only have video from the gift opening, but it was a priceless moment we won’t forget. John opened the wrapping and said thanks through somewhat gritted teeth. Whit was more intrigued and actually OPENED his book. He flipped through the pages for a minute reading some of the words.

Then he saw pictures in the back cover.

He quickly opened the front cover and read it. He was just simultaneously stunned, thrilled and almost at tear level joy! He looked at me and I asked “do you know what this means?” He proclaimed “SHE’S OURS????” John frantically opened his book and was equally as shocked and thrilled.

Down the road, I think it will be a sweet book shelf addition right next to Elsa’s Adventures in Petlandia, a favorite of Whit’s for a solid year.

This little butterball has been an immense joy!! You can’t help but smile when she’s around.

I’ll share more soon on how she’s fitting into our crazy!

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3 thoughts on “Announcing Anna Dasher

  1. I really don’t know how you and Honey managed to keep your new fur baby Anna a secret until Christmas! I know you were busting at the seams to let the surprise out. Looks like Anna has stolen all of your hearts.

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