I Love {The Magic Puzzle Company}

It’s National Puzzle Day and we’ve had one going non-stop since the holidays! I call our kitchen and den area “puppy daycare” and, since we are in these rooms A LOT with the babies, we’ve done more puzzling than ever. Our recent favorite was The Happy Isles from The Magic Puzzle Company.

Find out why The Happy Isles is the most-backed puzzle in the history of Kickstarter and the most-shared puzzle on Tik Tok. We’re using ideas from game design, optical illusions, and magic to make this the most interesting and engaging puzzle you’ve ever solved. Magic Puzzles are printed on premium Dutch puzzle cardboard so they snap together and stay put. Each puzzle comes with two large posters of the artwork so multiple people can all work together. And when you’re done, everything can be packed back into resealable bags so you can gift it forward. Magic Puzzles have NO puzzle dust in the box and have NO single-use or disposable plastic. 

I don’t want to give away too much, but it was fun and enjoyed by all! I’ve since passed it along to a puzzling-friend and can’t wait to hear her reviews.

While on the topic of puzzles, when we have our next patch of warmer winter weather I am going to organize a puzzle exchange weekend at my Little Free Library! Much like movies, I don’t particularly like doing the same puzzle over and over. (I type this as I watch Encanto for the fourth time in a week, LOL.)

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