Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser {Family Voyage: Arrival & Day 1 Onboard the Halcyon}

I am SO excited to have taken a second voyage on the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser with my family this time!! Being on the maiden voyage with friends was super fun, but seeing Honey and the boys engage on the Starcruiser was just amazing. There were so many moments that I know I’ll never forget. This was their big Christmas gift of 2021, so seeing to come to fruition was a long time coming!

Now, let me take you through Day 1 onboard the Halcyon. While I intend to share enough to get you excited and answer questions you may have, I will include NO spoilers for the experience in my reviews. Trust me when I say this is well done, immersive and an absolutely incredible experience! You will LIVE your Star Wars story and nothing I share will give away too much information. All four of us were present, but my oldest declined to have his photos shared in most instances.

And, to answer another very popular question from my social media, YES this experience is repeatable. I had an even better time the second go-round – knowing a little more of what to expect.

Tour the Halcyon

Maiden Voyage
Arrival & Day 1 Onboard
Batuu Excursion & Day 2 Onboard
Day 3 Onboard & Departure

Family Voyage
Arrival & Day 1 Onboard
Batuu Excursion & Day 2 Onboard
Day 3 Onboard & Departure

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Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is a revolutionary 2-night experience where you and your group will embark on a first-of-its-kind Star Wars adventure that’s your own. It’s the most immersive Star Wars story ever created—one where you live a bespoke experience and journey further into a Star Wars adventure than you ever dreamed possible.

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The Chandrila Star Line Arrival Terminal

We arrived at the Chandrila Star Line Terminal at the Walt Disney World Resort. The terminal is industrial and full of activity. Porters assist with luggage and valet park your car. Bottles of ice cold water are on hand.

We took photos in front of the terminal sign, of course!! This is the only place you will see Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser from this point forward. I highly recommend costumes and always go over those details with my clients so they can plan for their voyages.

At the terminal, everyone receives their M-Band. For our voyage, the app on personal devices was not quite ready so everyone was issued a Datapad as well. I suspect this will continue for the near future.

Inside the Terminal

Once through security, that closely resembles that of an ocean cruise line, passengers watch an orientation video.

Transport Pod to the Halcyon

The next step is to board a launch pod and rendezvous with the magnificent Halcyon starcruiser!!! This is where you REALLY know you are in for a HUGE treat and feel certain your adventure will be magnificent.

The Halcyon Atrium

You are positively wowed when you disembark the transport pod and find yourself in the middle of the Halcyon Atrium!

Tour the Ship in More Detail

Cabin Orientation

Each party is greeted in the atrium by a crew member and taken on a 15-minute exploration around the Halcyon Starcruiser to discover its rich and colorful history. The orientation visits a few key locations on the ship. Afterwards, you are escorted to your cabin to get you oriented with your home in space. Your luggage will be waiting for you. For this family voyage, we stayed in a Galaxy Class Suite, which was absolutely AMAZING!!!!

From the hallway, you enter into a wet bar area. Suite guests are provided with a lovely welcome amenity, which we thoroughly enjoyed! We were also left treats throughout the voyage, including the Halcyon coin and an amazing candle to bring home.

The living room area has a spacious sofa, table, viewport, tv and a fun little crawl through to the bedroom. There is also a twin fold down bed in this space.

The bedroom has a queen bed and additional fold down twin bed. Another viewport to space, TV, and seating area round out the room.

The bathroom was SO spacious and very comfortable for the four of us.

Tour the Standard Cabins

Buffet Lunch in Crown of Corellia

We were beyond excited to continue exploring and headed straight to the buffet lunch in Crown of Corellia. I’ve talked about the fire melted cheese for months on end and everyone was eager to try!

You will find a staggering variety of galactic eats, Blue and Green Milk on tap, soft drinks, coffees, cappuccinos, hot teas and the likes. All of your food and non-alcoholic beverages are included in your voyage fare.

Lunch was delicious AND beautiful, with the bubble grilled cheese being my personal favorite. That said, I enjoyed everything.

Tour the Crown of Corellia in More Detail

Sublight Lounge

After lunch we occupied a booth in Sublight Lounge to enjoy galactic beverages while we started communicating with others on our Datapads. It is absolutely mission critical that you get started on your Datapad right away! There are so many secret missions and experiences awaiting you!!

Another thing my family was looking forward to is Sabacc. Y’all know we love games! We dove right in on the Holo-sabacc board!

Between my two visits and sharing sips of friends’ drinks, I’ve tried every cocktail onboard. They are all creative, beautiful and tasty!! My personal favorite remains the Silver Sea Martini. The zero proof options were a huge hit with my boys!

Tour the Sublight Lounge in More Detail

Exploring the Halcyon

Unable to keep them pinned down for too long, we finished up our game and drinks and were off to explore! I absolutely loved being able to play tour guide for them, and to help them hit the ground running with missions.

Ship Muster and Captain’s Reception

Every voyage of the Halcyon starcruiser is populated with interesting, intriguing passengers who hail from all over the galaxy. It was so much fun to see the care and thought that went into everyone’s attire and the atmosphere was just electric in the atrium.

CSL and Halcyon Starcruiser protocol requires all passengers to convene for essential instruction prior to departure. Here, we met the Captain and Cruise Director who welcomed us aboard with a toast and provided important information to guarantee a successful cruise.

Crew members and special guests began to arrive during this time on the ship and the story started to unfold right before our eyes. Before we knew it, our Datapads were abuzz with messages from the Captain, Cruise Director, Lieutenant Croy and many others! With our costumes and by hanging out in the atrium, characters almost immediately started to interact with us and nearly all of them knew our names by dinner.

Snacks are available throughout the day and night in the atirum – you will not go hungry!

Image Scans

You will find crew members with image scanners in the atrium and we took advantage of them a couple of different times during the day! I will treasure these!!

Sabacc Lessons

Sabacc is the most popular card game in the galaxy! I thought the family how to play Coruscant Shift, the Halcyon starcruiser’s featured variant at home with the deck I brought back from the maiden voyage. You can take lessons in Sublight Lounge thought! Pay close attention so you can make it to the finals in the Sabacc Tournament on Day 2, or steal some credits from fellow passengers as you enjoy cocktails in Sublight Lounge. Younger passengers can learn Bounty Hunter, a fun matching game for younglings.

Outer Rim Regalia

Whit and I showed off our galactic best by walking the red carpet at the Outer Rim Regalia gathering. It was SO much fun and something I missed on my previous voyage.

An Evening with Gaya Dinner in Crown of Corellia

Each night features two dinner settings, assigned at booking. The first night is An Evening with Gaya. We enjoyed a delectable Halcyon Starcruiser feast, and then delighted as the legendary Twi’lek star Gaya showcased her vocal talents in a special, intimate show.

Course one was a Bento Experience with dumplings, dipping sauces and a noodle salad. Everything was delicious! The food is served family style and unlimited in quantity.

My two favorite drinks onboard, again this time, were the Silver Sea Martini and Toniray Chardonnay.

Course two are Chef’s Selections, including beef tenderloin, shrimp and chicken, along with rice and veggies. From the Youngling menu, we tried the spiral dumplings and waffle fries. They also offer chicken, mac and cheese and pizza. Again, everything is unlimited in quantity and passengers can order off of the adult and/or youngling menu regardless of age.

Next, the show began! Accompanied by her talented Rodian keyboardist Ouanni, this was truly a one of a kind performance.

Desserts were beautiful and delicious!

Bridge Ops Training

All passengers participate in Bridge Ops Training where you take on the role of an honorary crew member and learn the skills necessary to operate the Halcyon Starcruiser’s Bridge.

Training covers navigation, shields, control systems, loaders and even weapons. Pay close attention, as you will need these skills later! Droid SK-30 even popped in during our training.

Choose Your Path

As the itinerary continues, you’ll take the story further and deeper. It is akin lo living in a Star Wars Choose Your Own Adventure book! We were secretly passed a coded message at dinner, each made alliances with various parties, and ended up heading in different directions on secret missions. Again, I don’t want to give away too much! Let it suffice to say – you will have a GALACTIC time!

Sector Set

While the guys were off on missions around the ship, I tried another new-to-me activity: the Sector Set game! You might call it Bingo on your home planet. It was just as much fun, with prizes and entertaining guests.

Late Nights in Sublight Lounge

We ended our first day onboard by closing down the Sublight Lounge. We ordered some lounge bites to share for a late night snack and, of course, indulged in another round of galactic sips.

Sleepy I Am

We retired to our suite on a true electric high! It was the BEST day and seeing my family experience this adventure was beyond my highest expectations.

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May the force be with you!

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