On My Bedside {12 Books in 12 Months}

I see a lot of lofty reading goals on social media but decided to go with one a little more achievable, knowing myself. I don’t remember much from my days at Coke, and I certainly don’t miss setting annual objectives, but I do know how to make a SMA(chievable)RT goal. Is that even still a thing?! :-)

I posted a box for book suggestions on my Instagram. I plugged all the titles into a list and decided to go with the 12 most frequently recommended! I can knock at out least one book a month. Here’s my list:

  1. Lessons in ChemistryDecember
  2. The MeasureOctober
  3. Daisy Jones & The SixJune
  4. Remarkably Bright CreaturesMarch
  5. The Bronze HorsemanNovember
  6. The GownFebruary
  7. The Dutch HouseApril
  8. The PushSeptember
  9. The Greatest GenerationJuly
  10. HonorAugust
  11. Wish You Were HereMay
  12. Where the Forest Meets the StarsJanuary

If you’re interested in the rest of the recommendations, here you go.

I set alerts for the titles my local library carries and have already picked up the first two for January and February! I tell you what, for many of the top 12, there are dozens or even hundreds of people in front of me. That is definitely the sign of a good read.

I started with Where the Forest Meets the Stars and adore it so far. What’s on your bedside?

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8 thoughts on “On My Bedside {12 Books in 12 Months}

  1. The book entry information in this newsletter is wonderful.
    I would add something, perhaps of interest, that I have been doing for quite awhile.
    In a document word processing file, I keep a list of the books that I have read. I list the books by author in alphabetical order. I also enter the date that I started and completed the book. I should have cross referenced the information, and listed the book by book title as well, but I didn’t. Perhaps some snowy day, I will add in that dimension to my postings. It is fun to scan the list of books I have read.

  2. I’ve only read 2 of those: Daisy Jones & the Six, and The Dutch House–both great reads. I will have to keep your list so I can check out the other ten. I love getting books from the library too. I will tell you though that Ollie’s has a lot of books for incredibly low prices, and often they will have very popular books that I am seeing current reviews on. If you are ever near an Ollie’s, take a peek at their book section. My book club often gets our books from Ollie’s b/c it’s so hard for everyone to secure the same book from the library at the same time, and Ollie’s definitely has the best prices.

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