May The Fourth Be With You {Star Wars Day Dinner}

May the Fourth has been one of our favorite days of the year for an “at home” celebration for as long as I can remember! We’ve done all sorts of snacks, treats and dinners over the years. And, it kicks off a string of days this week where I have FUN dinners on the menu!

I went through bookshelves, bedrooms and closets to gather up the table decor. Today finally felt like spring again, so I set up on the porch and had the Star Wars iconic music playing.

The place settings were simple, put together using things I had. One of the easiest additions to any Star Wars celebration is blue milk! Mine is nothing more than a drop of food coloring in plain milk. The boys don’t actually care for the blue and green milk in Galaxy’s Edge.

At the ages my teens are, they value a good meal. Tonight I turned Chicken & Fettuccine Alfredo into Chewbacca Chicken and Boba Fettuccine!

I prepared the chicken per the recipe. I cooked the bacon until it was almost done but still flexible and wrapped it around the chicken a la Chewy’s belt. I then popped the chicken in the oven at 350, covered with foil, for a few minutes to crisp up the bacon.

It turned out really cute!

Chewbacca Bars were a simple dessert and I was able to prepare them early in the day and pop them in the freezer. I started with mini almond dove bars. I piped on strips of chocolate icing and then dotted with halved mini marshmallows. They turned out so cute and were delicious!

After the boys had eaten, Honey and I savored Rancor Martinis on the porch as the sun set over Georgia.

May the Fourth be With You! (If you’re like my Catholic boys, the correct response is “And also with your spirit”)

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