I Loved {Summer Shaved Ice}

It’s been two summers since I started churning out shaved ice at home and my kids and their friend still get giddy at the prospect!! I tell you what – the quickest way to endear a pool full of teenagers is to bring out 9 glass of shaved ice and a basket of syrups. They LOVE IT!

I researched and considered all sorts of apparatus to make and serve icy cold treats, and finally landed on the Kitchenaid Mixer Shave Ice attachment. I have used this weekly for 3 summers and can unequivocally say “you need this!”

It takes up virtually no storage space and works like a charm. It comes with four molds in which you need to freeze ice pucks. I keep a gallon zip top full of the blocks in the freezer ready to go! For each block I can usually get about 1.5 glasses of shaved ice.

Personally, I very much enjoy homemade syrups and this raspberry syrup we always seem to have a bottle of (John’s favorite). Mint + Raspberry are my absolutely favorite. Lavender + Mint is also amazing. (When I don’t have it flourishing in my garden, I use this culinary lavender to make syrups for cocktails, mocktails and coffees.)

As for the shaved ice we all enjoy in the pool. I order these syrups. I keep them right on our new beverage bar for easy access all summer. I also highly recommend ordering the bottle pourers and protective nite caps too. Here’s what has been most popular:

  • Sour cherry
  • Cherry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Grape
  • Pina Colada
  • Tiger’s Blood

My absolute favorite combos are Sour Cherry + Pina Colada, Tiger’s Blood + Pina Colada and Sour Cherry + Tiger’s Blood.

Nerds are my favorite candy and on a whim I put out a little bowl for topping our creations. Well, that was just another slam dunk. The Nerds are SO good in the shaved ice.

What are your summer favorites? It’s Sister’s birthday and I wish I were enjoying one of these with her right now <3

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