A Little Red

Y’all, as I was looking back on pictures of our last week in Savannah, I couldn’t help but feel a little red… Exhibit A: The baby dined at Social Tybee in nothing but his nappie.  Granted, Tybee Island might be the only place on earth where this attire (or lack thereof) didn’t turn a single head. Exhibit… Read More

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Visiting Bird

My sweet nephew Bird spent a short stint at Children’s Healthcare at Scottish Rite last week having an exploratory surgery and being examined by an assorted lot of specialists.  He weighed in at only three and a half pounds at birth and, since he still hasn’t “caught up” at age two, he needed to have… Read More

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Days Like This

Honey and I scooted off on a date night to the Braves game last night.  Back when dates were plentiful and littles were not, a ball game would have been just about the last place I’d want to spend a night out.  But these days, before I’ve even heard his proposition on where we might… Read More

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Dad’s Day

We had such a fun and exhausting day doing everything Honey’s way for Dad’s Day! At the request of the honoree, we kicked off the festivities with McDonald’s sausage & cheese muffins (which the PCP immediately declared smelled and tasted like poop…and I could neither disagree, make him eat it nor punish him for the… Read More

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