19 Ideas for Halloween {Eats, Treats, Parties, Printables & More}

I’ve collected NINETEEN of my favorite ways we’ve celebrated Halloween all month long over the years. Many I do year and again. I have eats, treats, parties, printables, books and so much more! Bugs and Kisses Free Printable Bugs and Kisses This was a sweet little treat from years ago but is still a fave.… Read More

On My Bedside {When We Left Cuba & Next Year in Havana}

I recently finished Chanel Cleeton’s two historical fiction books chronicling the revolutionary timeframe in Cuba when Batista was exiled and Castro rose to power. I was transported to Havana, in these beautifully crafted stories, and was completely engaged with the characters and their stories of home, hope and family with a dash of mystery. Both… Read More

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