Oatland Island

While Mother, Daddy-O, Cookie and I lolled our days away at the beach, dock or Savannah must-shops, the PCP spent some of his days at the Oatland Island Wildlife Center camp.  Housing all sorts of critters that couldn’t be returned to the wild for one reason or another, Oatland is home to everything from wolves… Read More

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Beach Girl

One of the many, many things I adore about Savannah is Tybee Island.  It’s the laid back, throw-back kinda beach that I grew up on and I just feel absolutely at home when I’ve got my toes in that murky water and derriere in the shell laden sand.  With the PCP at camp, Daddy-O took… Read More

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There is an activity Mother, Sister and I all adore *almost* as much as we relish our pots of Paris Tea.  And we call it “birding.”  It all started a few Christmases ago when Daddy-O gifted Mother a set of binoculars for bird watching in their coastal backyard.  Well, before those telescoping glasses ever focused… Read More

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