Valentine’s Day (Eve) Lunch

The PCP trotted off to school today with this sweet lunch in tow.
February 2012 225

All natural peanut butter and bonne maman strawberry jam on whole wheat bread, strawberry hearts and a white chocolate covered Oreo.  Snack will be a wedge of laughing cow cheese and grape tomatoes.
February 2012 222
If nothing else, I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Oreo will make his day.  Unfortunately I didn’t grab any pics of making it but I’ll be helping Sister with some today and will document the (super easy) process.

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve, y’all!

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9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day (Eve) Lunch

  1. So super cute…that Oreo is amazing!! So happy you stopped by my blog. I'm {LINKY} following you right back! Have a wonderful Valentine's day!

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