Those fleeting moments at twilight, lit with the sparkling white lights of the holiday season, are breathtaking and magical.  And I try to soak them up in the generally hectic minutes between homework and suppertime for our family. 
November 2012 561 copy copy November 2012 559 copy
Christmas music plays in the den… (I’d love to light the fire but somebody has jammed the key hole full of mini lego pieces?!?!?)
November 2012 562 copy

Honey and John ran out to throw the football mid-chess game…
November 2012 563 copy

The little manger was one of my first holiday decorations ever purchased, probably fifteen years ago now.
November 2012 553 copy November 2012 554 copy

I love this room.  The littles tear through it on a daily basis in pursuit of something or each other but I’m the only one that ever sits and enjoys.
November 2012 556 copy

A roaring fire awaits us on the porch…
November 2012 572 copy

November 2012 564 copy

November 2012 566 copy

…and the hot chocolate station is at the ready…
November 2012 569 copy

November 2012 570 copy 
November 2012 573 copy

What you can’t hear are the joyful squeals of my boys in the yard, the crackling of the fire outside and the Christmas tunes playing on the porch.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

PS. Approximately two hours after these pictures were taken a pipe burst in the basement and we spent another two hours cleaning up the mess.  Ahhh…I got jolted back to real life so quickly I’m pretty sure I got whiplash :-)

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29 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. You must be singing Honey's praises for insisting on the dropped ceiling!!!! The pictures are gorgeous!!! I just want to jump through the screen and our myself a cup of hot chocolate!

  2. You are so right Jackie :-) Not to mention, he called a plumber, took instructions over the phone and fixed it himself for under $10. (The cap on one of the old cast iron pipes blew off.) I must admit, I cringe a little when I turn the water on!

  3. Are we on the same wavelength today? Did you see my post? Great minds think alike. More to come. Miss you. And did you know that last year you were in NOLA with us for the first weekend in December? xo

  4. So sorry about the burst pipe! Your post was lovely! The words and pictures took me right to that place in my mind when MY home is all decorated and calm….I really understand what you meant! I want your porch, btw!! :) Thank you! Elaine

  5. Everything looks just gorgeous, Amanda! Hey, could you tell me where you got the feathers that you have stuck in the top of the family room tree (and on your staircase)? Thanks!

  6. Soo lovely! I was just saying to my husband last night how much I love this season because even though it gets dark soo early (about 5 here), that just means we get to enjoy all of the beautiful twinkle lights longer.

  7. Your home always looks beautiful but especially during the holidays! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! And I hope you are free from any more plumbing issues…Not fun to deal with!

  8. Your home is simply beautiful! I love the Christmas decor! I was wondering what you use to hang your wreaths on the windows outside?

  9. Did you make your C'est Noel wreath? I'm a former French teacher and my husband is French so I love it! Please share how if so!

  10. I did make the wreath – I bought the glittered letters at Michael's and taped them to a length of twine. I just tied it to the wreath. It took all of about 5 minutes :-) I did have to cut the ' myself as it wasn't included in the pack.

    I use action hooks to hang the wreaths on the windows. They are the best I've found.


  11. while i love your entire home that porch is my absolute favorite! that fireplace is swoon-worthy. makes me wish we had added a fireplace in our sunroom when we built it years ago.

    i can't wait to get my decorations out and set up my hot chocolate station..i've had to hide the marshmallows from my husband until i get it all ready or he'll eat every single one!

  12. Everything looks so festive. That really is a magical time of day isn't it? Sorry your calm, cozy evening was interrupted by the pipe! By the way, I think I am the only one who sits in my living room too!

  13. Amanda, your home is just beautiful, straight out of the pages of House Beautiful I tell you!! That porch is simply to divine, the Christmas lights, the fire, your monogrammed burlap canvas, oh my, I could go on and on! Thank you so much for sharing with us :) Have a lovely evening!

  14. Absolutely beautiful! Looks so peaceful and relaxing. I know the pipe incident was scary but at least it's fixed.

    Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. It's a full moon ~

  15. Amanda: Your "blue hour" pics are beautiful…could make wonderful Christmas cards….love visiting you and enjoy all of your real life stuff! –Marti

  16. Seriously? Seriously! You are too much! I am in awe of how you pull off making your home look so flawless and effortless. You are too cute! I want to be you when I grow up. Thank you for showing me "how it's done" and keeping me from being too envious by humanizing yourself by throwing in the bits of chaos that happen to you as well (pipes bursting). Love it!

  17. Absolutely beautiful! Everything is gorgeous. So pretty, comfortable and inviting. So about the fireplace! Oh, kids. :) I have the same as you with the bench and round end leaves. Yours looks great with the upholstered chairs. Happy to be a new follower. Found you on "Wow us Wednesday: Savvy Southern Style!

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