The Drapes that Dreams are Made Of

Y’all know that I made it a New Year’s resolution to pull out of the pretty things I’ve got stashed away and either use them or lose them.  The first on the list was the eleven yards of stunning coastal fabric by Design Legacy that I purchased at Lewis and Sheron for my one-day-playroom-turned-home-office.  Well, “one day” is one too many days away to let this sit sadly in my closet, so I went crazy last Saturday morning and sewed it right into new drapes for the living room.  These, my friends, are the drapes that (my) dreams are made of…
January 2013 113 copy

January 2013 110  January 2013 112       
Of course, one thing always leads to another, so I pulled the oyster shell mirror (from Wisteria) out from under the guest room bed (it was in the master this time last year) and all sorts of other goodies out of hiding.  Like this collection of Oysteria plates

photo 1 (33)

This lamp from Pottery Barn and shade from Target…
photo 2 (33)

And these coastal finds from Home Goods in Savannah last summer…
photo 3 (28)

Change is afoot!  Y’all stay tuned!! (Oh, and as an added bonus, between this and the master bedroom changes the closet is really clearing out.)

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43 thoughts on “The Drapes that Dreams are Made Of

    1. Hi! They are by antique drapery rod co. I purchased them on clearance when my calico corners went out of biz. You can still buy through them (and catch a sale) or order directly.

  1. Stunning! I agree 100% about the dreaminess of the drapes. Man, I wish I had hiding places full of treasures as wonderful as yours. The mirror definitely needed to come out from under the bed. Can't wait for more!

  2. That fabric is gorgeous and your drapes turned out stunning. How are they sewn at the top? Do you just use clips to hang them or do they have pleats or anything? I just snagged the same starfish box at HomeGoods last weekend in aqua and white, I'm so excited to put them to use!

  3. The drapes are beautiful. I look forward to the end product. Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a shout out on my blog today for your inspiration in my new tradition of forever gifts. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing you wonderful ideas and great resources. I love your traditional/coastal style.


  4. Just researched your drapery fabric, best price I can find on the web is $50 a yard :(… I am in love with how your room looks thus far. I have very similar style to yours (and 2 little boys)& I so enjoy reading your blog. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. oh my!!! what other gorgeous goodies are being hidden away?! those are absolutely stunning!! i wish i had pretties like those hidden away in my closet! haha! cant wait to see how you style them in your home!

  6. You had that fabric and other goodies in storage?! i could shop at your house! WOW! Love the fabric…I have had my eye on that exact fabric! You did an excellent job on the draperies. I LOVE everything! Beautiful! Can't wait to see more!

  7. Cherish – I sewed them into pleats at the top and then sewed hooks on to each pleat. The rings, unfortunately, do not have clips on them. I much prefer rings with clips to avoid all the extra hassle :-) Hope that helps! Amanda

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! I can't believe this incredible fabric was hiding along with all the other treasures. :) I can't wait to see the reveal.


  9. Lovely drapes – you did such a good job with them! I despise sewing, but I love custom drapes, so I do it anyway. You have really added drama and elegance to your space. Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi.

  10. Goodness! You made my heart pitter patter. No wonder you made that resolution! You have some amazing stuff hiding away!! Can't wait to see your other changes.

  11. That fabric is perfection,I chose it for drapes in my mother-in-law's master bedroom re-do and everyone goes crazy for them. I ordered extra and lined vintage french doors turned sliding barn doors over my foyer closet and drool over that fabric perfection daily. No other coastal print fabric even compares, worth the $$.

    Your drapes give your living room a nice current yet southern classic touch, you sewed them beautifully. Enjoy! Maria

  12. Your drapes are gorgeous! Looks like you have everything you need to make a total transformation. Wish I had such lovelies hiding away under my bed- dust bunnies just don't quite work for decor! :)

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