Dining Room {Before & After}

Whew!  For a room that was 95% complete four years ago, those last 5% took quite a long time :-)  That always seems to be the way about it though – the last few things take the longest to figure out but really seem to make the space. 

Here’s what the room looked like on move in day…a nicely sized, bright space with my favorite window in the house.
  dining room

And here she is today!

April 2013 224 copy

Paint – Benjamin Moore Beach Glass (walls/ceiling) and Benjamin Moore Alabaster (trim)
Curtains – Lewis and Sheron Silk in Aquamarine, trimmed in P Kaufmann Pizzicati in Robin’s Egg, made by me
Drapery hardware – Antique Drapery Rod Company
Floor – unstained white oak
Rug – Indoor/Outdoor French Leopard by Ballard Designs

April 2013 226 copy

I adore wainscoating in a formal space, so it was top of the list for the dining room.  And since we did all white below the chair rail, it allowed me to paint the ceiling blue without it feeling like dining in the bottom of a swimming pool.  The plates hanging on the wall are extras from our Butler’s Pantry by Lenox china pattern.  There was a manufacturing issue with them and about a year after our wedding they gave us an entirely new set based off of our registry completion list so I have loads of extras to hang all over my walls :-)

April 2013 227 copy

We purchased the table, chairs and china cabinet from Haverty’s as a set for our first anniversary.  After years of hemming and hawing over what to do with it to break it up, lighten it up and make it feel not so expected, I finally skirted the six side chairs in Robert Allen Linen Duck in Natural.  It’s affordable and heavy enough for light use upholstery.  I used Chang at Crown Upholstery (he’s an absolute dream to work with and worth the drive) in Marietta for the work.

April 2013 259 copy

And, thanks to all of your ideas and suggestions last month, I decided to leave the arm chairs unskirted (I also pared down the table top and removed the runner).  I left these two chairs covered in the Pizzicati fabric since it matches the drapes.  I already had two little monogrammed lumbar pillows that Mother made for my old house so I plopped them in the chairs and called it a day.

April 2013 257 copy

Sister made the preserved hydrangea arrangement for a silver wine chiller we received as a wedding gift.  The arrangement can be easily popped out should we need to use the bucket!  The mercury glass apothecary jars were from Wisteria, the white candle sticks are from the Butler’s Pantry collection and the oyster shell votive holders were a fantastic Rosemary Beach vacation find!

April 2013 241 copy

April 2013 247 copy

April 2013 255 copy

The little’s formal portraits, both taken at age three, hang side by side in the dining room.  Mother always had portraits of Sister and I in her dining room and it just seemed like the perfect place to do the same!

November 2012 355 copy

I found the crystal chandelier in an ad in the back of a magazine before we even moved in so unfortunately I don’t have the source for it.  We brought the Ballard Designs ceiling medallion from our old house.

April 2013 239 copy

I couldn’t get a great picture of the drapery fabrics but you can get the idea here… the silk panels are banded in the Pizzicati micro check in a similar color way with a double tassel trim between.

April 2013 237 copy

Peeking in from the living room, you can see the gigantic china cabinet.  I’d probably pick something different if I had my druthers, but it really is lovely in person and it offers a massive amount of very functional and much needed storage! 

April 2013 185 copy

April 2013 186 copy

April 2013 193 copy

Mother gave us the antique sideboard years ago – it served as our foyer table in our first home.  The lamps are from Ballard Designs.  They sit on glass risers from Wisteria (I love these things…I must have four sets scattered about that I’ve procured over time.)  The Venetian mirror is also from Wisteria – after much searching, I think they do have the best prices on this gorgeous mirror style.  Oyster shells found by Mother and Daddy-O sit in a marble bowl from Pizitz in Seaside.

April 2013 195 copy
 April 2013 204 copy

April 2013 201 copy

And, tucked away in the corner of the dining room is my high chair.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture and I couldn’t bear to hide it away for the next thirty years until I have a little granddarling to use it.  Mother and Daddy-O had it painted by the same Savannah artist that painted the walls of my room as a child and gave it to us as a baby shower gift before we had John.  The underside of the tray holds a very special message.
 April 2013 233 copy

April 2013 230 copy

April 2013 235 copy

Best of all is how she looks all dressed up at night.  Candle light glitters and reflects gorgeously from the crystal, silver and glass in the space, and I love trading the overhead chandelier for the low lighting from the china cabinet and buffet lamps for a beautifully romantic scene.

January 2013 018 copy

January 2013 004 copy

But the most beautiful thing about the dining room is that we use it… a lot … for everything from birthday shin digs to supper clubs to holidays to Sunday Suppers! 

January 2012 012

April 2012 490 copy April 2012 499 copy

January 2012 165 January 2012 171

April 2011 628 copy 
 February 2011 047 (2)
  January 2013 007 copy 
Knowing me like you do it should come as no surprise that I’ve already moved on to the next project – putting that last 5% on the living room.  Hope to be back with it real soon!

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57 thoughts on “Dining Room {Before & After}

  1. I LOVE- gorgeous! I have Butler's Pantry too & love yours on the walls! Thank you for such a great post with all the details!

  2. LOVE that room! How nice to finally get a full tour of all the gorgeous details. It's so special how you display many items that have significant meaning to you. Your home is truly of reflection of who you are! And I love the highchair!

  3. So beautiful Amanda. My favorite touch is the high chair with the message from your folks. These are the pieces that make a home unique and soo special.

  4. Thanks for sharing all the details! It might seem silly, but the ceiling mediallion was one of my favorite pieces- one of the little details you do so well! Everything is lovely- the chairs, mirror, curtains.
    I think your room is prettier than your "inspiration" room!
    PS. I always thought you were being a good auntie and left the high chair for when nephew amd niece came over!

  5. Amanda,
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful dining room at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY party…please be sure to link back to the party on your post:)


  6. Your dining room is absolutely beautiful! You've achieved perfection in there! That's no surprise to me because you are really a great decorator. Love the portraits, the chair skirts, the lamps and risers. :)

  7. Not sure what I love the most…every detail is beautiful and put together the result is stunning. I adore blue dining rooms and yours has become one of my favorites. Kudos on a job well done!


  8. This room is absolutely gorgeous, Amanda! Love the sentimental addition of the adorable high chair!

  9. Gorgeous and classy! I love the way you decorate with meaningful family treasures.


  10. Y'all have done a wonderful job! I love every detail. :) Those portraits are precious! The color of the walls is perfect and I love the chairs too. I love to decorate with things that have a special meaning to me too. Enjoy your week!

  11. You could be a professional interior decorater, Amanda! Everything looks so beautiful.

  12. Your dining room (home) is absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE the traditionalness (is that a word?) of it is so refreshing in this day of junk, more junk, other junk and worn out looking paint!! Thank you so much for restoring my faith in the home decorator!!! You are amazing and I wish you were a central Texas southern lady!!!
    Blessings to you,
    PS: I found you through another lovely southern lady blog "Upstairs, Downstairs".

  13. This room is breath taking and every detail is exquisite. Love the childrens portraits, what a great accessory. Your furniture is beautiful. Gorgeous room. Thanks ton for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  14. Your dining room in a word STUNNING!! Love the ceiling medallion. I have one from Ballard too and we are selling the house and the people want it….bit of a bummer.


  15. amanda, it is all so beautiful and so southern! i love those chair skirts, wish i knew someone local that could do some work for me..the last person i used doesn't do "slipcovers" and that kinda restricts me.

    don't feel bad about how long it took to complete your dining room…i've been in my house 29 years and it's still a work in progress! of course i've redecorated about 9million times!! i'm hoping to finish up my guestroom upholstered headboard that's been cut out since last fall!

  16. Hi! What was the manufacturing problem with the Butler's Pantry? I have lots of it from my wedding registry as well and many pieces are chipped and have crackle. I would love to get them replaced! Room looks fab!

    1. Hi – yes – it's the cracking and crazing! I got mine 11 years ago (gulp) and we had the entire set replaced about a year or 18 mos later. I went through Macy's where I was registered. They provided the completion list to Lenox who then mailed me boxes and boxes of new china. Some stuff wasn't made any more so they substituted similar items. I haven't had any trouble w the new set, although we use it as "fine china" so it's not out day to day. Good luck!

  17. I truly do feel like I am in a southern home! Portraits of the children in gilded frames hanging on the wall… crystal chandelier with a fabulous ceiling medallion.. oyster shells in a dish… and that beautiful color of blue on the wall and ceiling! Very charming! Good to see how you solved the slipcover situation on the chairs. Mine are large, also, and I am going to be sewing slipcovers for mine. Good idea!

  18. holy SWOON!!!!!! seriously. your ability to transform any room into a gorgeous heavenly serene fabulous space never fails to amaze me. well done!!! now can i hire you to decorate my house?!?! (im serious!) hahah! absolutely fabulous and beautiful makeover!!!! im so jealous you did this all on your own. wish i had your skills!!!

  19. Absolutely beautiful! Love the color,the skirts on the chairs . . . love everything.
    Have a happy day,

  20. Your dining room is beautiful and I love the floral arrangement your sister made for the dining room table. Any idea where she found the hydrangeas? Thanks so much!

  21. You have a pretty and elegant dining room. I love the coastal blue walls with the white plates and your furniture is so gorgeous. It is so nice to see wood and not just painted furniture-so rich and European/timeless. your high chair is beyond adorable. Thank you for sharing your beautiful room and getting it just right can be a long 5%. ;-)

  22. So pretty and fresh! I'm just having my living room painted. I think that's my last 5% of redoing my living room. I hope mine turns out as well as yours.

    Happy to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  23. I love, love, LOVE it! I've been researching dining rooms for ages, but couldn't find one with a dark table -like yours (and mine!). I love the whole look you put together. Thanks for sharing. (I'm discovering your beautiful blog today through 52 Mantels).

  24. Love the above showcased dining chairs seems to be real amazing, with great antique designs and styles. If designed the above chairs for restaurant then it would have a great impact on the success of it.

  25. Just beautiful. Love the colors. Just hope you actually use this gorgeous room. I can't remember the last time my formal dining room was used. You have inspired me to use mine and make it beautiful.

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