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I scurried around the house today putting out a few touches of pink and red for Valentine’s Day.  I usually don’t get it up until the first of February, but then it seems like a lot of work for just fourteen days of enjoyment.


DSC_0023 copy

I’m on my second year with the Bronwyn Hanahan Be Mine door hanger and I adore it just as much as the day I got it!!!  She has so many darling ones for every holiday.

DSC_0015 copy

I used my pink and red ribbons on the dogs again this year too.

February 2014 005 copy

I took a few years off of my DIY pom pom garland, but sorted out the tangled mess and hung it in the entry.  I also put out a bowl of my very favorite cinnamon hearts.  Of course, the littles sniffed them out within 2.5 seconds of being home so the bowl is nearly gone.  The big red glitter heart used to be on a wreath.

DSC_0006 3

In the office I put the DIY Lilly Bunting back up again (I never got around to removing the clear command hooks up from Christmas so it was quite easy) and strung a red glitter XO on top for Valentine’s Day.

DSC_0011 cop4y

I filled John’s pink gumball machine (CeeCee’s party favor) with conversation hearts in the family office.

DSC_0013 cop2y

While I don’t do a whole lot décor wise for Valentine’s Day, we usually go all out with fun treats and dinners the first two weeks of the month leading up to the holiday.  Stay tuned for the fun to come!!!

PS. If I ever tell you I’m buying a themed holiday book again, PLEASE STOP ME.  It never fails that I spend the whole day before the holiday frantically hunting down those darned books.  Today it’s for the 100th Day of School.  I missed the Tooth Fairy one more than half of the time, and never did find the one for St. Patrick’s Day last year.

Bronwyn Hanahan Art

9 thoughts on “Be Mine

  1. Love all the little touches. Since it is just the two of us most holidays, I don't decorate much anymore, but this is making me want to add at least a couple touches.

  2. I am usually pretty firm on having January as a month win no decor (it is nice to have it sparse for awhile after the holidays), but this makes me want to pull out our Valentine's day goodies!

  3. As a retired 5k teacher..I love the fact that special theme books mean so much to you! Love it! 100th day celebration is the best!

  4. Oh no, don't stop buying the holiday books! They are always favorites! But I'll share a tip to reduce your frustration. My little girls are 9 and 6, and about 2 years ago I was also frustrated with the holiday books. . .not the inability to find them, but the opposite. My girls wanted to read the halloween books in may and the christmas books in June. . .which didn't really bother me, except that I knew if they read the halloween books all summer then those books wouldn't be a special part of holiday traditions. So I gathered some bins from around the house, and went to town on the bookshelves. They need a good cleaning every so often anyway, right? I just pulled out all the seasonal books and separated them into bins. I ended up with the following bins: one for halloween, fall and thanksgiving, one for christmas, one for spring and easter, and one for summer (that one has several fun books about the beach/sea creatures, blueberries for sal, etc). Those bins now live on a shelf that is separate from the bookcase, and my girls know they're the holiday books and that they come out for those special times of year. The most important part of the system, though, is that the whole family knows that one particular basket in the living room is the "seasonal book basket," and the girls look forward to swapping out the books in it when I'm swapping out seasonal decor. For example, in september I have them put away the summer books, and pull out the fall books (back to school stories, a couple of books about fall in nature, etc). . .then in october, i'll tell them they can leave the fall books in the basket, but add the halloween ones too. . .and then the day after halloween i have them put away the halloween books and bring out the thanksgiving books to join the fall books that were left. Then of course after thanksgiving, all of the fall and thanksgiving books go away, replaced by Christmas. And so on. The girls get so excited to see that season's books again, they'll immediately sit down and read through the stack after they get it out. Such a good system for us! You might like it too. . .and, bonus, it might even give you an excuse to buy more seasonal books instead of less!

  5. Oh haha, just noticed I'm logged in as my husband, so my comment will say Joe. . .but my name is Kara! I'm new to your blog and I'm enjoying it thoroughly! I'm a western girl, but my husband and I lived in Charleston for his job for a few years, and I can't tell you how much I miss it. I definitely left my heart in Charleston. Your blog gives me a little southern fix each day, so thank you!

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