Autumn Gatherings {Apple Cider Bar + Cinnamon Donuts]

I can hardly believe that fall leaves, pumpkin patch and apple picking season is upon us.  Here in the South, it’s still pretty hot and muggy so it will be another few weeks before you see any pumpkins at my place.  However, to ease ourselves into the swing of autumn, I did go ahead and set up a Sunday morning brunch on the porch of baked cinnamon donuts and a reprise of our favorite apple cider bar from Thanksgiving 2014.

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There’s no place I’d rather be this time of year than on our porch.  The mornings are especially lovely and even crisp, before the heat of the afternoon sets in.

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Last year I invested in a huge thermos for things like our apple cider and hot chocolate bars.  We used it A LOT, carting it to tailgates when it was chilly out and for serving hot chocolate at both of the littles’ school holiday parties.  It wasn’t cheap, but it’s very nice and keeps beverages hot for hours.

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Toppings for our apple cider bar include thinly sliced apples, cinnamon sticks, brown sugar, caramel sauce and whipped cream.  I love to remove less that lovely labels from things like sauces when serving.  Another trick is to wrap your bottles in scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or kraft cardstock.  A bottle of Apple Jack is great to have on hand for when company comes!

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One of our all time favorite breakfasts consists of Baked Cinnamon Donuts with coffee, apple cider or hot chocolate.  You can find the recipe and my tips and tricks here.

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As we move from fall into Halloween, I will update our little porch sideboard with spooky accents (HERE), and as Halloween turns to Thanksgiving I swap out the apples for pumpkins (HERE).  And we end the year with a hot chocolate bar (HERE).

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Happy fall, y’all!

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13 thoughts on “Autumn Gatherings {Apple Cider Bar + Cinnamon Donuts]

  1. The apple cider bar is one of my favorites! It is definitely still warm (and will be, this IS Georgia) but the forecast for next week after the rain moves out is glorious!

    Once September comes, I’m in full-on pumpkin, leaves & acorns mode. With spooky stuff & turkeys to follow. :-) Just need to find a minute to get it all out!

    Enjoy your Wednesday!

  2. Hi, could you tell me where to order the paper coctail napkins? I’m having trouble finding someone to use my custom monogram. Thank you!

  3. While I read you everyday, came back via The Pink Clutch. Why on earth does Paige call you “Skip”? Lol thought I’d find a new blog to follow!

  4. I LOVE anything cider! Fall here in New England is my favorite time of year and I am in love with this idea! Thanks for the link to the huge thermos! We do a huge sledding party every year and I have been looking for one!

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