Cookies & Cocoa 4th Grade Celebration {Free Printables}

I mentioned this back when I shared our 4th grade Halloween Party, but I really have had so much fun planning for this group of kids.  They catch on quickly and love a little friendly competition.  I’ve gone with some version of a Snowman or FROZEN party for so many years that it was time to create something new.  And that was a Cookies & Cocoa Holiday Celebration!!


We had five stations, with 10 minutes allotted for each one.  This left a few minutes at the beginning and end to introduce the party and then announce winners.   You can find the entire party guide and free printables HERE >>> Cookies & Cocoa Party.

The first center was literally for Cookies & Cocoa.  A couple of moms prepared steaming cups of hot chocolate for the kids and they each decorated and ate a sugar cookie.  I was completely shocked at how much thought and artistry went into these creations!!  We had to urge them to finish their one cookie in 10 minutes!



The  next three stations were Minute to Win It Cookies & Cocoa themed activities.  Not only did the kids have a blast playing them, but it was so entertaining for the parents to watch!  We had only two kids in the group playing each activity at a time.  Then we would have the other two kids play.  Then we would match up the winners for a playoff.  Points were awarded for each group at each station (5 points 1st place, 3 points 2nd place, 1 point participation) and the overall winner at the end of the party received a gift card for a Chick-fil-A milkshake!

The first was Marshmallow Scoop It Up.  Using a spoon in their mouth, they had to scoop up as many marshmallows as possible and place them in their mug.



At the m&m Cookie Chef station, they had to suck up m&m’s with a straw and place them on their gingerbread “cookie.”


The third game station was Hot Chocolate Stack Attack.  They had to stack 21 cups into a pyramid and then un-do it in to a single stack in 1 minute.



It really was a big success!!


The last activity was an International Cookie Exchange.  If you followed along with our International Potluck Thanksgiving Feast, you will know that we have an amazingly diverse class with an incredible group of parents willing to cook for us :-)  Just like the feast, we had a lovely variety of delicious cookies.  The kids each had a plate to fill up and then we slipped them into large zip top bags with their names on them to carry home.



The last little mini activity to be completed at any time during the party was a cookie guessing jar.  The winner got to take the jar home!!  I was jealous because these homemade chocolate chip cookies looked DIVINE!


It was a lively and memorable celebration.  John has been blessed with not only an amazing teacher, but also a pretty awesome group of kids in his class with parents that will drop everything at a moment’s notice to help.  What a difference a year makes :-)

With that, I’m officially DONE with school parties until May.  Wahoooooo!  I gave Honey a massage gift card last year (he said he wanted it… promise) that he just gave back to me the other day.  I called on my way home from these parties and snagged an appointment for tomorrow morning.  Yippeeeeee!!

Merry Christmas, y’all!

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  1. This sounds like such a fun time! The cookie exchange is the best part – so interesting to learn about other parts of the world!

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