Daily Delight {Tips & Tricks for Perfecting Gallery Walls}

I LOVE gallery walls for so many reasons.  Primarily because they are a great way to display a collection of memories and special items.  Also because they don’t require much more than a wall and some frames.

I have gallery walls installed in both of the boy’s bedrooms and my main beef is that the pictures never stay straight!  For example, check out the bottom right corner of this John’s room.  This stuff drives me nuts.

I’ve got a quick tip on just how to fix this problem, as well as a bunch of other tips and tricks including: what to put on a gallery wall, how to lay out a gallery wall, where to find frames for a gallery wall and more in today’s Daily Delight video:

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use Museum Putty and a small level to secure your gallery wall.  It is inexpensive, easy to work with and removable.  You can see the “after” here in John’s room with everything level and secured!

  • Trace your frames on craft paper (I use this for all sorts of things, from art projects to banners to this) and cut them out.  Use painters tape to move them around on the wall until you have a layout you like.

  • Consider Ikea for inexpensive frames.  I love the RIBBA collection because there is a huge variety of sizes, as well as shadow box options.  They come in black and white and include the matte.

  • All of these tips work on any picture grouping!  This collection of vintage egg prints in my guest room always makes me batty.  I think because the laundry room is off of this room, the shaking disturbs them daily.  No more!

  •  Don’t feel limited to just using pictures in your gallery wall.  Our include photos, artwork, baby bibs, maps, posters, cross stitch, silhouettes, song lyrics and so much more!

I hope that you find these tips and tricks useful in installing or updating a gallery wall in your home!  If you have any other things that have worked for you, feel free to share them in the comments!


Museum Putty | small level  |  craft paper
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5 thoughts on “Daily Delight {Tips & Tricks for Perfecting Gallery Walls}

  1. I adore your gallery walls! I am so happy to hear about museum putty; I’ve never tried that. My biggest challenge is always making the spacing the same when it’s a grouping that needs to be evenly spaced. I mean, I *could* do it… but I don’t have the patience.

  2. My living room walls are a dark brown. To lighten up the space I used really bright colors like teal and lime in my gallery wall. I like to use spray paint to change up picture frames and other items. Clocks and mirrors are also great additions if your wall isn’t comprised of identical frames. I think that you might not be able to deal with my mix n match style though ?

  3. Your home is just so beautiful! I forgot how lovely that guest room is. I’ll bet Mother and Daddy-O cannot wait to come stay for awhile.

  4. I use the paper out of my kids’ IKEA easel for this purpose! (My sister did the initial layout, but I used the taped up paper trick after re painting and after moving.)

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