Sunday Supper {Caprese Salad}

Our go-to salad this supper couldn’t be easier to put together!  I am sure I’m not telling y’all anything you don’t know, but I figure it was worth mentioning since it has never occurred to me to make a caprese salad at home.

It all started when I ordered one at Disney and the boys and Honey all devoured it.  We came home to a bunch of green and purple basil in our garden a light bulb went off that I should make the salad at home.  Since then it’s been a staple on our table all summer!

I bought a pre-sliced piece of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes on the vine, and then picked our own basil from the garden.  To start, slice the tomatoes to the same size as the mozzarella slices.  Then layer everything on your platter, drizzle with good balsamic vinegar, and top with fresh cracked salt and pepper.  YUM!!!!!

Not only is it divine, but it takes about 2 minutes to prepare and doesn’t require the stove OR oven.  It is also a great dish to take to a party, or to serve at home as an appetizer.  That’s a summer win in my book!


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6 thoughts on “Sunday Supper {Caprese Salad}

  1. I eat this for lunch (or snacks, too) almost every day during the summer. I add garlic, use olive oil & leave off the vinegar. So easy & the taste can’t be beat! xo

  2. You might want to try the Trader Joe’s Balsamic Glaze with your Caprese. It’s wonderful, and only $2.99 or $3.99.

  3. I make this all summer but I use balsamic glaze – instead of pure balsamic vinegar. It is amazing!

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