Ice Cream Sandwich Sundae Cake

I made this super easy Ice Cream Sandwich Sundae Cake a couple of weeks ago and wanted to be sure to share with y’all before the Labor Day festivities kick off later this week.  It’s the perfect way to wrap up summer, comes together with very little time and effort, can and should be made in advance, feeds a crowd and is a guaranteed hit!  My girlfriend J described something similar to me at the bus stop one morning and I knew I had to try it.

Ice Cream Sandwich Sundae Cake
Box of ice cream sandwiches – I used two boxes of minis with 16 in each box and they fit perfectly; I picked these because they were half off not realizing that they were so small but they worked perfectly
2 tubs cool whip
jar caramel sauce
jar hot fudge sauce
chocolate chips, if desired

In a casserole dish, line the bottom with ice cream sandwiches.

Top with a tub if cool whip, drizzle with the caramel sauce and then dollop with the hot fudge.

Add another layer of ice cream sandwiches.

Top with second tub of cool whip, dot with chocolate chips, cover with saran wrap and refreeze; I used toothpicks on top to keep it from all sticking.

When you go to serve, be sure to pull it out about 10 minutes before cutting because it is rock solid.  Enjoy!

It is literally SO good and I’ll be taking it to a Labor Day pool party next weekend!  We are off to dinner for Honey’s brother’s birthday tonight.  I need to hunt down some elastic band shorts so I can gorge on Mexican :-)


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11 thoughts on “Ice Cream Sandwich Sundae Cake

  1. Couldn’t wait to try this!!! My 8 year old loved it , BUt I didn’t have a casserole dish deep enough for 2 layers so had to make it a one layer cake!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  2. I’m so excited to get this recipe! There is a lady at my church who makes this. My husband loves it so I asked her for the recipe but she wouldn’t give it to me! {Side note: She is otherwise very sweet.}

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